Oh! Canada!

Congratulations, Canada. 


I took a temporary reprive from my staunch No Hockey policy and actually watched, from start to finish, the gold medal game.  Being Canada v. USA, I felt kind of obligated.  There are too many of you who are American, and I had to be prepared to either a) eat crow or b) gloat with specifics.

But I’m a good Canadian and I’ll save the gloating.  I’ll barely mention the hockey game, only to say that our initial loss to the US, as well as blowing the two goal lead forcing an overtime, was all part of the Canadian team’s strategy to create more tension, leading to more of a celebration when they finally won.  It was all part of the plan.

And I won’t say much about winning the most gold medals ever in the history of the Winter Games.  Because that would be uncouth.  Sure, we heard our National Anthem the most times out of any country ever.  Silver and bronze are pretty, too, so don’t feel too bad.

It’s funny how 17 days of child’s play can bring countries together, as well as bring together the country’s people.  Never before has Canada as a nation been so united over something so positive.  When a Canadian won a medal, we all won a medal.  We were proud of our all of our athletes, whether they won or not, and proud to be Canadian.  We all wore the uniform, red and white, and sang Oh, Canada with tears in our eyes.  The previous day’s results was the first thing discussed in the morning, the day’s wrap-up was the last thing we watched at night.

The closing ceremonies are on right now and I’m sad it’s over.

I feel so Canadian right now, my veins are pumping maple syrup.


8 thoughts on “Oh! Canada!

  1. I’m right there with you, so proud to be Canadian. The hockey game was a nail biter and I cheered so loud when we won that I made my babes start crying out of fear! It’d be great if you had maple syrup in your veins, yummy, well not that I’m a maple syrup sucking vampire but I love maple syrup so yeah O Canada!

  2. We left the restaurant and they were just going into overtime. Eric popped into Wal-Mart for milk 25 mins later and the cashier told him Canada had won. We got home, threw the kids into the bath/bed, then found the clip online. Was not near as fun as seeing it live, but still amazing, nonetheless!

    Also, remind me to lick you next time I see you and you’re sweating. Mmmmmm, maple syrup.

  3. I feel for ya. Once the glory of this fades, all you’ve got to fall back on is gravy-smothered french fries and Bryan Adams. Although I suppose that’s probably better than what my country is best known for.

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