Obligatory Twitter-Pimp Post

It’s my understanding that if you own a blog and also dabble in the fine art of tweeting, you are obligated by Blog Law to do a post illustrating how witty you can be given a 140 character constraint.  Or you’ll have your blog confiscated and your Twitter account revoked.  Or something.  Or maybe it’s just something all the cool kids are doing and I’m a follower and a copier, so here’s mine and just shut up about it already.

Highlights from my extensive Twitter career


Ok, that’s probably enough.  Why would you buy the cow if I give you the milk for free?  Where “buying the cow” = following me on Twitter and “milk” = useless drivel.



One thought on “Obligatory Twitter-Pimp Post

  1. Ha! I love seeing all your tweets in a row like that.
    I loved the one where you fell asleep. The first time I read that, I was all *nod and with ya, sister.*

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