140 characters won’t cover it.

Is there anything more rude and inconsiderate than microwaving popcorn, which to me smells like bagged, hot vomit, in an office building which houses several hundred employees?


Burning it.

Along with heat, I think smell rises, because I’m on the top floor and it smells like I shoved my head into a garbage dump filled with buttered used diapers and sour milk.

I’m going to be sick.  And if I don’t be sick, it will be some sort of physiological and biological science-based miracle.  I’m getting sweaty and that’s stage two of the Five Stages of Puking.

Stage 1 – Oogly stomach.

Stage 2 – Sweaty palms and feet.

Stage 3 – Lump in throat.

Stage 4 – Excessive saliva.

Stage 5 – Up-chucking lunch.

I’m going to find the offender and puke in their recycling bin.


15 thoughts on “140 characters won’t cover it.

  1. I love popcorn, but the smell of it made me vom when I was pregnant. A guy in the newsroom made a bag of it EVERY DAY. I started doing my work in another office until the smell dissipated. When it was announced that I was expecting, my editor told him about the popcorn. He felt terrible and stopped eating it.

  2. lol!! I 100% agree with the smell of microwave popcorn, its gross! Ever since having a baby my sense of smell is so strong, I can’t handle the smell of Twizzlers Licorice either, it makes me gag instantly.

  3. And that is why popcorn was banned in every office I have ever worked in – cuz I’m bitchy like that! The smell is awful and now I can’t get it out of my head, I’m smelling popcorn because of your description. I need to go and eat some chocolate to make me feel better.

  4. Ughh, I’m pretty sure it’s just me, but the smell reminds me of pee. So everytime I go to a movie I get tricked into thinking that someone peed on my seat before I got there…then I realize it’s just popcorn, but then spend the rest of the movie paranoid….maybe this time it isn’t just the popcorn…

  5. Personally, I think any times someone burns microwave popcorn the hazmat squad should be called. And the person that burned it should be pelted with burned kernels.

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