And the Oscar goes to…

Everything is just horrible!  This whole house is horrible!  Even Mommy is horrible!

– Eirinn, age 4


15 thoughts on “And the Oscar goes to…

  1. Yes, well my son, just after getting home from laser tag camp attempted to pitch a fit because I wouldn’t drive him directly to EB games to get the same game that some kid has at camp.

    Um.. yeah. It does not work that way buddy. Congrats, you’re doing the dishes now. THAT’S how it works. I can see that there is some despoiling that must occur. Too bad you tipped me off.

  2. One day Brynna announced to me that I was “ruining my whole life forever and ever and I’ll never ever be happy again, thanks to you!!” Then she couldn’t understand why I couldn’t stop laughing.

  3. Today?
    Dora Explorer band-aid is too scary to wear, but apparently scissors stolen out of mommy’s gift wrap organizer are not scary.

    Yelling “I’m not doing anything” from two rooms away is a surefire way to get busted, for all you other 3-year-olds out there who thought about giving it a shot.

    • That’s classic. When my younger one goes missing in the house, I just have to yell “Are you pooping!?!” and without fail, every time, I get a grunty, forced “No!” and I know exactly what’s up.

      Kids need lessons on how to lie better.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful day there, maybe you can forget to pick her up from daycare today? Would that work, don’t answer your phone either.

  5. Sounds like a typical four year old. My three year old will say that she doesn’t like someone (like Grandpa or Uncle Scotty) when she doesn’t want to change what she’s doing at that second. She doesn’t actually mean that she doesn’t like the person.

    You must have done something really bad to be called horrible.

    Ready to sell them yet? 😉

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