A story about a girl and her blog.

Once upon a time there was a girl who had a blog.  She wrote once or twice a week; whenever something happened that she wanted immortalized.  This blog was about her kids and things that make her laugh and things that make her growl and poop.  And sometimes those stories overlap.  Usually, actually.  There was generally 20 or 30 people who read her blog a day, and that was just fine by her.  She understood that the market for stories like hers was limited.  She told the stories because she liked telling the stories, not because she needed a lot of people to hear them.

And then one day she met someone who read her blog.  Someone who wasn’t related to her.  A real live stranger who knew all about her kids and what made her laugh and what made her growl and her take on the subject of poop.  A fan?  Not really, but a reader.  This reader had one request: Write More Often.

And write more often she did.  Almost everyday, sometimes more than once a day.

She began writing every day and a lot of the new readers began trickling her way.  Writing everyday became a habit, like showering or eating breakfast.  It just became something she did and she enjoyed this new part of her day.  It was also a goal she set – Write Every Day Or Else *fist smack*.  Her internal dialogue was quite bossy and intimidating.

So she did.  For two and a half months, she wrote once, sometimes twice or three times, a day.  She wrote some of her best stories and she also wrote some of her worst, but it didn’t matter.  She wrote because she wanted to write.  She wrote for herself.  She wrote for her readers, too, but she mostly wrote for herself.  She liked being sillier than she could be in real life.  She liked talking about things she couldn’t normally talk about.  She liked being the center of attention for a couple of hundred people for just a few minutes a day, something she would never be able to do in the real world.

But then one day she didn’t publish a post.  She was busy and she didn’t have anything profound to say, so she just…didn’t. 

And you know what?  Nothing exploded.  When she returned, with nothing in particular to write about, her blog was still there.  Social networking hadn’t ceased to exist.  The internet hadn’t retired.  The readers still came.

The world didn’t care if she took a day off. 

The End.


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