Saturday is Earth Hour


Tomorrow at 8:30 p.m., turn off your lights and shut off your tv.  Get out the candles and flashlights and have a conversation.  Play a board game.  Go for a walk.  Have a nap.  Knit a scarf.  Write a letter (with a pen and paper).  Listen to your iPod.  Have a drink or two.  Read a book.  Shut off all unnecessary electricity for one hour and show the earth you care.  (that sounded cheesy, but whatever.  Just do it.)


For more information, please visit:


One thought on “Saturday is Earth Hour

  1. If everyone else is reducing, I’m going to turn everything on and soak up the extra power!!

    (Not really. As I type this, I’m wearing a T-shirt that says “Green is the new black.” For reals.)

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