Kazaam, clowns. Tiny computer.

What up, y’all?  I’m a Tiny Computer.  I’m little and perky!  I’m also French!  Which is super awesome, except for when you don’t speak French.  Parlez vous francais, oui?  Non?  Ewwww…well, that’s unfortunate.  OH!  I KNOW!!!  Do you have a computer magician for a husband?  You do?  How convenient!  We’ll be just fine.

And look at me!  I’m blue!  Isn’t that just adorable?  I’m so petite and cute that I couldn’t be black.  Black is so serious.  And I’m not serious.  No, sirriebob.  I’m fun!  And hilariously tiny!  I could fit in your purse!  And I weigh less than your mug of hot chocolate!  Isn’t that hilarious?

Aaawww!  Look at me!  I’m sitting in my big brother’s lap!  He’s my bestest friend ever.  Isn’t that just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen in your whole entire life?  What’s that?  Sneezing baby panda, what?  Nevermind that.  Probably has fleas.  I don’t have fleas.  I just have adorableness.


11 thoughts on “Kazaam, clowns. Tiny computer.

  1. I have a mini retractable mouse that I should send you – it’s too cute and would go perfectly with the little computer. Seriously if you want one, email me your address Jen. 😉 It’s high on Squeee …

  2. That is a really sweet computer, I tend to choose computers on looks rather than how many giga-thingies they have, so it would definately appeal to me.

    I love your blog by the way 🙂

  3. Awww, just look at that thing! It’s like a super petite kitten that fits in the palm of your hand. Minus fur and kitten breath but whatever.
    I can’t type on things that small because of my unfortunate man hands.

  4. I have the very same computer at home, complete with bilingual keyboard and frustratingly small left shift key. And somewhere, I have that very same photo of big laptop spooning little laptop.

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