Like a nasty rash, I’m everywhere


Now that I have your attention, I’d like to direct you over to the right a little.  Just a titch.  Yes.  There.  See that there?  That’s a badge.  A badge to MamaPop.  Because MamaPop is pretty awesome and I want to paper these walls in awesomeness.

And also because, Secret #2 Reveal:  I will be writing there sometimes!  Booyah.

(Maybe if I’m writing for a pop culture website, I should probably stop saying things like “booyah”.) 

I’m pretty sure I’m the most nervous I’ve ever been before in my whole life because a) MamaPop has been one of my favourite sites for a very, very long time, and b) they’re going to figure out how much of a massive dork I am.  Because I really am.  I’m a huge dork and not in the hip, indie rock-dork sort of way.  I’m the kind of dork who gets cartoon theme song stuck in my head.  I’m the kind of dork who watches movies until the tape burns out.  I’m the kind of dork who will avoid socializing for the sake of the television and a bowl of Mini Eggs.  I’m the kind of dork who says things like “booyah”. 

So anyway, that’s where I’ll be when I’m not here.  Or at work.  Or parenting my children.  There.  At MamaPop.


23 thoughts on “Like a nasty rash, I’m everywhere

  1. Congrats, Jen! I’ve never checked that site out before, but I definitely will now. Booyah… sorry, just had to try it out!

  2. Try SHAZAM along with Booyah and they’ll never notice.
    I will be popping right over there to see where the next step leads. Congrats, and you totally deserve it. Love the way you write and what you write about.

  3. Congrats! Also, I think the kind of dork who forgoes socializing for TV and chocolate fits right in at MamaPop. Just sayin’. With love and adoration of course.

  4. Oh I like SHAZAM – I am totally stealing it. Congrats to you Jen O – well deserved! You rock girlfriend! (see – now that’s dork, with a Ricki Lake twist)

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