I do a lot of chastising.

My first MamaPop post goes up in a few minutes!  Go read it because it’s funny.  And it’s funny ’cause I said so.

Here, I’ll even provide the link so that you don’t even have to do any typing.  Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Wherein I chastise beautiful people for being prettier than me.

I’ll have another post going up tomorrow wherein I chastise a few more people.  No fewer than three.  I think I should buy a sturdier soapbox.

This is fun, but very nerve racking.  I’m not used to writing for anyone but myself, but I think once I get into the groove (that saying makes me feel skeevy, but I have a stress-induced stomach ache, so I’m leaving it) I’ll feel more comfortable.


One thought on “I do a lot of chastising.

  1. I love chastising others, it’s very liberating. Can’t wait to pop on over to MamaPop and see your smilin’ face (you will be smiling in your pic won’t you?)

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