Good Friday: Total Exhaustion Edition

We had a big day today.  A 1st birthday party for the one of the girls’ cousins.  It was out of town (a little bit), in the rolling hills and farmers fields that are just a few minutes north east of us.  As most first birthdays are, this one was filled with plenty of happy, hyper children, running around the big lawn, basking in the unusually warm Good Friday sunshine, eating nothing but Pogos, cake and candy.  It was enough to tire a little girl out.

These were two very happy, very exhausted children.  While at the party, as with any family event, they were perfectly behaved little angels.  Hamming it up for the adults, playing nicely with the kids.  Remembering their pleases and thank yous.  Not putting up a fuss when it was time to go home.  As you can see, from the grass-stained knee, they had a wonderful time.

Avery and I had a nap in the car in the garage.  It was just that kind of day.

Unfortunately, Avery didn’t wake up happy and Eirinn was grumpy from the exhaustion.  It made for a very, very long few hours before bedtime.  An early bedtime that I had to tackle on my own, by the way, as AH was called away to work.  Everyone was so overwhelmingly tired and grumpy and frustrated with everyone else’s tiredness and grumpiness.  By bedtime, to Eirinn who wanted me to read her just one more story, I said “I can’t do it, Eirinn.  I need a break from being a mommy.”

When AH got back from work, he surprised me with two of my favourite things:

Delivered directly to my laptop.


9 thoughts on “Good Friday: Total Exhaustion Edition

  1. Did AH take a bite of your doughnut? BASTARD?

    We had a day like that, too. To Nana & Grandpa’s in the morning, then to Etobicoke in the afternoon to an aunt’s. It’s 9:35 p.m. and we just got home and put the girls to bed. That’s a 14+ hour day with them. Which is many hours too long, in Mommy’s book…

  2. AH certainly gets brownie points for that good deed …. almost makes up for his being called away … almost … 😉

    Hope the Easter Bunny was good to you …

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