Long, long weekend

Long weekends are so long.  They’re filled with grumpy children and familial obligations and too few hours and too many hours.  They bring waterfalls of chocolate eggs and bunnies and gravy.  They’re loaded with laughter and tears and naps and Go Fish.  There are stickers and Corn Pops and crayons and sippy cups cluttering the weekend from corner to corner.  There are pretty Easter dresses and fancy dress up shoes and track pants and un-made beds.  There are days away from work that are filled with exponentially more work.

There are barbeques that haven’t been purchased and earbuds that came home with us from the store.  There is landscaping that has yet to be researched.  There is housework and yardwork that will wait until next weekend.  Crafts that will be done another time.

We’ve scoulded and enforced time outs.  We’ve praised and rewarded.  There have been late bedtimes and there have been early bedtimes.  We’ve had early wakings and lazy mornings.

It’s left us all so exhausted.

The long weekend is so long.


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