Bossy The Cone Dog

Everyone’s favourite convict is now a Cone Dog.  He cut his back side during his escape, which he licked until it got infected and now he’s all sore and embarrassed and sad.  He’s twitchy and itchy and all hopped up on ‘roids and anti-inflammatories.  He’ll be fine in a week.  My wallet is $190 lighter, but he’ll be fine.

Stupid dog.  He’s lucky he’s cute.


17 thoughts on “Bossy The Cone Dog

  1. Poor fella. I keep waving at my doggin because she’s been making out with a scab on her leg. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get worse because she would be horrible in a cone. She couldn’t walk in a straight line if her life depended on it – there would be cone scrapes down the walls.

  2. They always look sad when wearing the Cone of Shame, don’t they? Poor Bosco…. however, maybe he’ll think twice the next time he wants to run away…

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