Time Suck #4

See also:

Edition #1, How to Rot Your Brain (In A Good Way) Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Office Chair.

Edition #2, Clear Your Schedule for the Remainder of the Week.

Edition #3, What the Hell Happened to Wednesday?


Savage Chickens: Cartoon chickens.  ‘Nuf said.


Demotivational Posters:  You know those posters you see around office buildings, telling you to Persist!  and be Confident!  and to use Team Work!  Yeah.  These are much better.  Plus, you can make your own.


Shoebox: From the creative minds at Hallmark’s Shoebox division.  I’m especially fond of Chuck & Beans and the Funny, But No line of rejected card ideas.


Things Wrong With Me:  Start at the beginning.  Read a few episodes a day. 

So you honestly want to sit here and list all the things wrong with me?

Why not? I have the night free.

You’re a dick.

Thing #1, you’re too judgmental.


Online Conversion: And here’s where I out myself as a giant nerd.  I like converting things.  Miles to kilometres, dollars to roubles, light years to parsecs, my weight on Earth to my weight on Pluto.  Don’t judge me.


And then, when you’re done with those, go read my MamaPop post from today.  It’s about heads exploding.  Or not.  You’ll have to read it to find out.


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