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  • I don’t understand why homeless people wear so many clothes.  They wear it all at the same time, making it all dirty simultaneously, thereby negating the whole purpose of having a change of clothes.  Ok, I get that they wear it all in the winter to keep warm.  But in the spring, they should shed a few layers and keep them in their shopping cart.
  • I’ve always wanted to read a follow-up interview with those responsible for disasters.  Not those involved or affected or victimized by them; the stupid idiot who caused it in the first place.  I want to know what he’s been up to since he destroyed a portion of our planet.
  • Bosco is no longer Cone Dog.  He’s sad.  He misses his cone.  But he’s also happy to be scratching his face and licking his man-bits again.
  • The murder shed is complete-ish!  I mean regular shed.  The regular shed is pretty much finished.  I’ll show pictures … um … some day.
  • Don’t Google Murder Shed. 
  • I’ve been clearing house in preparation for a yard sale and I sorted through all my old cd’s.  I’m in heaven.  Music used to be so good.  Now it’s mostly garbage.  I miss good music.  I kept all my old good music and my garbage music will be for sale.  4 for $1, if anyone is interested in trash.  A wise woman once told me that free equals junk, but $0.25 equals deal.
  • Five months until we go to Florida.
  • I came home for lunch today to find Avery wearing no socks, 3 pairs of pants, a summer jumper, two hoodies, a long-sleeved t-shirt and high-heeled shoes.  Eirinn was dressed like a three-and-a-half-foot hooker.  They had strict orders to change before they left the house.
  • Why do people like “New Car Smell”?  To me, it smells like the inside of a hot garbage bag.  I don’t get the appeal.  Makes me queasy.
  • My sister got a new car.  It’s pretty.  Smells like garbage.


13 thoughts on “Enter Title Here

  1. I am laughing and cringing at the mental picture of your daugther’s fashion choices. Laughing because wow that was funny. Cringing because I know my daughter will do the same damn thing.

  2. Old “lost” cds – such a great way to spend the day. I found a bunch of old tapes once, just wish I had them on cd as who the hell owns a tape player anymore?

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