I’m all up in the Interwebs

I’m like some kind of disease.  I’m all up in the Interwebs.  Worldwide.  ‘Cause guess what!  I’ve been added to the roster over at Draft Day Suit !  (see what I did there?  with the sports reference?  I’m so clever.)  

Of all the jobs in all the land, I never thought I could credit myself as a Sports Writer, but here we are!  I’m going to be writing about UFC, getting analytical and nit-picky and judgy.  It’s going to be so much fun.  I’ll let you know when you can read more of me.  ‘Twill be soon, my puppets.

For a taste, go and read my MamaPop post at 1 pm today.  It’s about a certain UFC fighter who has found himself in some deep doo doo.


11 thoughts on “I’m all up in the Interwebs

  1. In spite of a lingering ambivalence about UFC, I personally find all of this to be very good news. WORLDWIDE. Also I look forward to you inspiring me to read about that which I do not understand or care about, simply because it will kick ass. 🙂

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