Behold, the Murder Shed

Ok, that joke is getting old.

Either way, the fruits of my husband and father’s labour, with the help of my brother-in-law-ish and brother:

This picture makes our yard look really small.  It’s not.  I mean, it’s small – we do live in a subdivision, as you can see from all the houses – but it’s not that small.  The shed is 8 x 12 and there is a ton of space left for a 400 square foot patio, the 12 foot trampoline and even some space left over for gardens and a tree or two.  But first thing’s first.  Murder Regular shed.

And the construction is done on it, but there is still electrical to be installed and some landscaping around the perimeter and the door to be painted and some window boxes.  My one requirement for the shed was that it had to have window boxes.  And so, when all is said and done, the shed will look more like this (marvel at my Photoshop skillz):

The police badge is supposed to be an exterior light.  My Photoshop skillz are limited to the pre-installed shapes and I guess “motion sensor shed light” was not in high demand.  But pretty, right?  We’re at odds as to what colour to paint the door.  I say red.  He says blue.  I say if a door isn’t red, it should be ashamed of itself.  Our front door is green.  It hangs it’s head in shame.  He says red is too bold.  I say IT’S A SHED.  Let it have a bold door; what else does it have in life?  He says I’m a little too invested in the feelings and esteem of a shed.  I say poo.   So for now, it remains factory white.

And there you have it.  The shed.


24 thoughts on “Behold, the Murder Shed

  1. Very nice indeed! I think the red door is a great idea! Give it some character!

    I like that yellow-sided house behind you. It looks happy and sunny!

  2. I think in all fairness, you choose the colour of the door and AH [or ASIL to me] can paint it. Isn’t that an equal distribution of the workload?

  3. Looks good! Only one question, why is it going to have electricity and lights? Go for the red, or purple! Be bold, and besides, it’s only paint so you can paint over it later if you don’t like it.

    • Just one light on the inside and one on the outside…so we can see? It’s pretty big and very dark on the inside, even in the daylight, even with the two windows.

      • but murder sheds aren’t supposed to be light an airy, they should be dank and dark … don’t forget the dank!

  4. Wow. I’m impressed. Very nice for a shed. Also, is there a reason that you are not considering painting the door the same color as the house’s door. I always thought of a shed as like the baby of the house, and I know, as a mommy, I like to look at my kids and think, well, at least she got her door from me.

    • Ha! As soon as we get the time and motivation, I’ll be painting the front door red. We had some sort of clause in our home purchase contract thingy that said that we couldn’t change the exterior colours for a certain length of time (it’s a faux-heritage community), so it had to stay green for a while. I think that time is up.

  5. We still haven’t painted our front door … four years later. Still white. I keep thinking we’ll change the color when we replace siding, so why bother?

    Anyway, this post gave me a good idea. I’ve been wanting to landscape the garden in front of our house, but I have a hard time imagining how it will look. You’re brilliant.

    • That’s EXACTLY what was missing. Because if I want people to be super sure that it’s just a regular old shed with nothing at all interesting buried beneath the cement floor, then I have to tell them, right? Nothing says “innocent” like DON’T OPEN THAT DOOR WHATEVER YOU DO.

  6. I agree, Red is the only colour for a door and besides with it being a Murder Shed and all it really should be red!

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