Cars are boring

We got into a wee bit of a fender bender yesterday (not our fault).  And maybe not so much with the “bending” as “cracking and shattering”.  No one was hurt, which is the important part, but my car is significantly less pretty than it was yesterday morning.

I had forgotten completely about getting my oil changed this time.  It’s actually 3 months past due, which means it is technically time for my next oil change.  I missed an entire change in there.  I don’t know what happened.  Yes I do.  My dealership normally calls when it’s time and then I don’t have to do any sort of remembering at all, which is perfect because I have the memory of a goldfish.  But this time they didn’t call and that probably means they purposely want me to negate my warranty or something (bastardos) and so then I forgot.  And don’t go preaching to me about the sticker on my windshield that is positioned only slightly above my natural line of sight which states clearly and emphatically that my Next Oil Change Is Due By February 13th, 2010.  Not good enough.  Still couldn’t remember.

And also, my windshield wiper on the drivers side has a tear in the blade and it leaves a two inch wide wet streak right in the middle of the window.  I didn’t notice this because we had such a precipitation-free winter.  But it’s getting all soggy and sloshy out there and now I notice it. 

But, hell.  Who has time for all this car crap?  I want my car to get me from one place to the next and that’s my only requirement.  To have to remember all the nit-picky details of its maintenance?  Nearly impossible.

But now, what with the whole cracky bumper, I can have the dealership change my oil and replace my windshield wiper blade. 

Somethings happen for a reason, I suppose.


3 thoughts on “Cars are boring

  1. Truer words have never been spoken, er, written. I just got a divot in my windshield this weekend and now have to get the damn thing fixed before it spider webs and it looks like Jim Carrey’s car in Ace Ventura Pet Detective. Am less than thrilled with this.

    Glad that everyone is okay.

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