Letting the anger go

I was so angry today.  Oh, God.  So angry.  I wanted to punch things and kick them right in their stupid face and yell at them using inappropriate language.  And I did, but in my head, which is far less satisfying, so I’ve learned.  I blew off some steam by sending angry emails to a few good friends.  Like this one.  And this one.  And they were immensely helpful by listening and not telling me to shut up you crazy old bat of a woman.

I was so angry.  And then I wasn’t.  That’s how things happen in my head.  I get SO.  DAMN.  ANGRY.  AHH!!!  HULK SMASH!  And then I’m not. 

I’m so Canadian, it makes me sick.

And then, after a while, I not only wasn’t angry anymore, but I was actually pleasantly surprised.  And surprised that I wasn’t angry.  I hold no grudges, even when I’ve been wronged or insulted or treated unkindly or unfairly.  It’s a waste of time and energy to bother holding a grudge.  Who cares.  Not a question.  Just, who cares.  There are bigger and better and more important things in life than whatever it is made you so angry in the first place.  If you got so angry, perhaps you should just let it go.  Brush it off.  Because if you don’t, it will consume you and in that consumption, you are allowing it to win.  It becomes more than what it was to begin with and you make it that way by caring so much.

Who cares.  Say it with me.  Who.  Cares.

Who thinks what you’re seething about is as important as you do?  Likely?  Just you.  So who is winning.  Not you.

That’s what happens in life, if you’re lucky enough to let it.  You get so angry you could punch a monkey square in the teeth and then you’re just … not.


21 thoughts on “Letting the anger go

  1. Dude, I so feel you here. I fully encourage you to go HULKSMASH something…just not something of the human variety. If I knew how to then I would send you a picture of my sledgehammer. I sent that photo to a friend earlier today because I couldn’t drive over fast enough to deliver the necessary brick to her annoyer’s face.

  2. Glad I helped. And glad you opened up. Sometimes you are sealed tighter than a ninja cookie jar. And then you essssplode! And punch monkeys. The end.

  3. Doesn’t it make you feel better to explode once in a while? I know it helps me, that’s why you have to have those people you can reach out to and go all crazy like on and they understand you just need to vent.

    • It helps. Even if they’re not really listening, it’s nice to have an email address of someone so you can spout off rambling rage-infused rants that go on ad nauseum just to get it out of your system. They don’t even have to respond. Sometimes just getting a LOLcat in return is good enough.

  4. See, I love to hold grudges. It gives me something to do. Actually, it warms me at night. With that said, I only hold onto the grudges that really matter. You know, like that time when you ate that piece of cheesecake that had my name written in plain English on it. What about when you insisted on wearing that “I’m with Stupid” t-shirt to every social event in the early 1990’s? I keep that stuff near, dear, and I never let go.

    • Now, I still wouldn’t hold a grudge even if someone stole my cheesecake. I would Superman-punch them square in the teeth, but then that’s it. And it will be known that they will be getting me a replacement immediately, with interest (a second piece).

  5. Oh, I wish I were all Canadianey. Instead I smash, cry, sweep up wot I smashed, and cry some more, followed by a long period of glaring and getting red in the face.

    I think your version sounds better.

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