Speaking of Disney…

This makes me want to HULKSMASH because is nothing sacred anymore?  Disney princesses, sexified?  Not right.  Not right, indeed.

This makes me curious.  Skeptical, but curious.  If live-action princess worked for Enchanted, and worked well, could it work for Cinderella?  Maybe.  Possibly.  Probably not.  We’ll see.

That’s all for today.

Oh!  Except…

If you haven’t seen this yet, please spend a significant amount of time perusing the archives.  Thanks be to Carly who sent me the link.  I’d seen it before, but hadn’t bothered looking too deep.  I’m glad I have now.  It reinforces our decision to have no more children.  Because…yeah.  Kids wreck stuff.

If you haven’t read my post on MamaPop from Tuesday, I highly recommend you do.  Not just because I wrote it, but because I feel strongly about what I wrote.  It’s about Robert Munsch.  And guess what.  Robert Munsch read it and emailed me!  To be fair, I emailed him first, but he replied and it made my week.  I might print it out and laminate it and pin it up on my bulletin board.  If I had a bulletin board.  I might go and buy a bulletin board just so I have something to pin the email to.

I have another post going up today at 10am which I’ll also expect you to read, but read Tuesday’s as well, if you haven’t.  Read both.  Read both and leave a comment.  I like comments.  Comments make me happy.

We doin’ big pimpin’, spending G’s.  We doin’ big pimpin’ on B L A D’s. 

I don’t know what I just said there.  Something about spending thousands of dollars, but I don’t know what B L A D’s are.  Maybe I shouldn’t know.  You know what?  Don’t tell me.  I used to say “big pimpin’ on the l-a-dies” which, I find out, is wrong.  Huh.  I like mine better.


Thank you, come again.


8 thoughts on “Speaking of Disney…

  1. B.L.A.D.’s are wheels on a car. Not just any wheels, though. 20 inch rims are a must, homey. Word to your mother. Yup, yup. (I am just so gangsta, I scare myself.) Respect!

  2. I didn’t know you were speaking of Disney – but ok. The boys in the office like the sexified girls of Disney – me, I think they look like Manga gone wrong.

  3. Ew. The sexified Disney princess – just ew.

    Also? I have to admit, when I first saw “Tinkerbell,” I thought Disney had sexed her up quite a bit. My mother actually said, “I think she has what we would call Batinkadink.”

  4. Robert Munsch!!! I will run over there RIGHT NOW!

    And yuck, to the sexified Disney princesses. Just too much.

    I’m interested to see what they do with the Cinderella thing, though.

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