Eirinn has her first (and last) dance recital yesterday.  She was all at once and adorable little sprout of a child and a real live grown up girl.  Her class wore gorgeous handmade ballerina costumes with tutus and tiaras and had teddy bears in matching outfits.  They performed two numbers – Me And My Teddy Bear and Skinnamarink.  Her teacher lined them up on the stage, stood to the side and they all stared into the audience and got maybe 1 our of 5 of the moves correct.  But that’s sort of what made it so cute.

But, thank God it was her last.  Eirinn had pretty much hated dance for the last half of this year.  It disrupts our Saturdays, which used to be lazy until we decided we wanted to do something.  With dance, we had to be up and dressed and out of the house by 9:45 to get her to class.  And the class, which is held at an actual dance studio, is the exact same every week.  Same routine, same songs, same order.  She got very bored very quickly.  Getting her to go has been a struggle for about 3 months.

And, geez … the cost.  The registration for the year was upwards of $300.  Costume for the recital was $50.  We were forbidden from video taping the show because they sell DVD’s for $45 (we didn’t buy one because that is highway robbery).  And then pictures which were I don’t even know how much because that’s not happening.  I’m perfectly capable of taking a picture of my daughter for free.

So thank goodness that’s over.  I’m not sticking her in any activity for the summer, either.  We considered soccer, but changed our mind after this.  We’re going to wait until she’s sure what she wants to do.  That will probably happen when she starts school and finds out what her little friends do.  She’d be suited for gymnastics, but I’ll let her make up her mind.  I don’t want her to get bored again so quickly.  I can’t afford it.


15 thoughts on “Recital

  1. Mya also is in dance, and we pay about what you pay… For Mya though it is all worth it, she loves to dance… She knows that they do all the same stuff because they need to practice for the recital.. Last summer, she asked me EVERY WEEK if it was time to dance again… It seems like a lot at the time, but then you figure $8/ week if they love it… Sorry Eirinn didn’t love it cause boy does she look gorgeous in her tutu… 🙂

  2. That outfit is absolutely stunning — can’t believe it’s handmade! (Do have to admit the…boob section that’s all ruched freaks me out a bit, though). How did she like the recital itself?

    We decided not to put Lucy in anything this summer either. I figure it’s our last one as a carefree family before we’re shuttling her to some sport, friend’s house etc.

    • She was so nervous for the recital! It made me happy/sad to see her like that. Growing up too fast. And yeah, that gathering makes her look like she’s got boobs in the picture. It’s not that bad in real life.

  3. Hana had her first and last recital today, too. It went fine, but the cost and the headache of rehearsals and such were a bit much. I think our registration for the year was over $400 (I’ve blacked out the exact cost). By the end of the year Hana seemed to have had enough of dance, and so had I. For the summer we’re just going to do swimming, then add skating in the Fall.

    Eirinn does look cute in her costume, though.

  4. Oh My God! $45 for the DVD? Frak. I was pissed that my son’s preschool was trying to sell DVD’s of his recital for $10. Huh. I guess when I go to sign my kids up for something I’m going to have to ask how much costumes and that cost. They’re going to think I’m a total cheap-ass mom…which, now that I think about it, I am.

  5. You realize that you probably have to book soccer in February, right? Actually I think I registered Lexy in January when it opened up. It’s expensive, but not bad. It was $175 this year (up $10 from last year) and that includes their uniform, a trophy and a party with jumpy castles at the end of the season.

    She loves it and it’s hard to keep Caity off the field as she tries to chase after her sister. Not sure what we’ll do next year, Cait’s Asthma is so bad I don’t know if she can handle all the running when she’s old enough to play.

    Going to try to take the two for swimming lessons again this year. Last year I went in the pool with Caity and you would swear the pool was filled with boiling acid and alligators the way she was freaking out. Lexy, on the other hand thought she was the reincarnation of Marilyn Bell.

    • Actually, it was April 7th around here. But I said we WEREN’T doing soccer, so we didn’t miss anything. We’re not putting her in any activity for the time being.

  6. I am NOT looking forward to these types of things. I was never a “girly-girl” growing up and scoffed at such things like dance, barbies & dolls – much more interested in hockey, tonka trucks and dirt!

    BUT she did look adorable. Enjoy your freedom this summer!

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