Mr. Samers

Sarah P. was kind enough to notice that I’ve been MIA for a full 5 days.  Silver Nelson thought I should invest in a clone.  Mr. Samers, The Birthday Clone, suggested Hella Chella.

Maybe they’re right.

A clone would be perfect.  I’d assign my clone all the crappy jobs I have no interest in tackling, leaving me twice as much time to do what I want.  For example:

Laundry: Mr. Samers job.

Writing: Mine.

Remembering to write: Mr. Samers is in charge of Sticky Notes.

Watering the stupid plants: Mr. Samers can handle that.

Surfing the net: I’ll do that.

Vacuuming: Mr. Samers is all over that chore.

Tucking my kids in at night: That’s mine.

Showering: Mr. Samers can do that for the both of us, ’cause it takes too long and I get bored.

Working at my real work job: Mr. Samers has got that one, too.

Handling all the kids, including the dog’s, appointments and errands: Sounds like a Mr. Samers job.

Making sure all my shows are watched: I could probably squeeze that in.

Shopping: Mine if it’s fun shopping (it’s never fun shopping); Mr. Sammers if it’s the groceries.

Hanging out with my friends: I’ll do that.

Painting the house: Mr. Samers is probably really good at that stuff.

Decorating the sorely neglected house: I better take that one because I’m pretty picky and Mr. Samers seems like his sense of design is a little off.

Dropping off and picking up the kids before and after work: Mr. Samers, but I’ll need a current drivers’ abstract.

It all sounds divine.  I’d have so much more free time.  I could do what I love without having to do what I hate.  I’d have time to do things slowly, with purpose.  I could enjoy life, instead of trudging through it.  Perhaps I’d have fewer “stress-induced muscle spasms“.  Or maybe not.

So, I’m still here.  But I’m here and here and I’ve been here a few times and I’m at work all day and I’m kid-wrangling in the evenings, so maybe I’m not here as often as I should be.  But I’m still here.  I’m not going anywhere.  Not even if I get a clone.

But it makes me feel all girly, squishy, emotion-y that you noticed.  I’ll try not to make it a habit.

(seriously – is there a clone store?)


5 thoughts on “Mr. Samers

  1. Listen, lady, you are the Queen of my Twitterverse. What that means is that whole thing usually looks like a sick round of Double Dutch to me until you throw me an easy loop.

    I am VERY concerned for your well being. Knives in the stomach area. not a fan. Not really a fan of clones either. but you’re worth whatever it takes. except laundry.

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