Oh Hai!

Oh hai!  What doin’?  I in my house!  Come in?  Wut?  Too big?  I not too big.  Come in!  You want hot dog?  With chechup?  Bittle bit tea?  Ring doorbell.  RING IT.  Oh hai!  Come in!

You like my house?  It MINE.  For my birsday.  Got house.  An’ bike.  Big bike.  HUUUUUUGE.  An’ colours.  An’ pitty dance dwess for dance.  AN’ A PACKPACK.  An’ gum.  HUUUUUGE gum.  NOT teeny gums.  HUUUUUGE.  An’ books.  An’ a pishin’ pole.  An’ a airplane. 

Mommy say I ‘poiled.  I not.


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