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Last week @ MamaPop:

Say It Ain’t So – Alec Baldwin Leaving 30 Rock…Eventually

Big Brother 12: Episode 1 – Meet The House Guests!


Last week @ How To Eat:

Stop Eating Like a Grown-Up: Squashing Food Rules


Last week @ My Tornado Alley:

My post entitled Bodies in Motion was chosen to be featured at Five Star Friday



Last week @ Twitter:

I talked a lot about what I’ve come to realize is a pretty serious sugar addiction:

Three scoops of Breyer’s Heavenly Hash for lunch. God, I love being a grownup.

You know what’s not nearly as filling as one might think? Three scoops of Breyer’s Heavenly Hash for lunch. Being a grownup is confusing.

Today’s lunch is brought to you by the makers of insulin. It’s only a matter of time before I’ll be a regular customer.

Eating a bowl of ice cream while on the toilet is gross, right? So I shouldn’t tell y’all I just did that? IT WOULD HAVE MELTED!

I would do ANYTHING to be hungry enough to eat an ice cream bar. I AM AN ADDICT and I don’t want to recover.

Just cracked open a brand new box of Turtles. I’m taking bets on how long it’ll take me to finish it.

Perks of being the boss: my kids have to eat their super healthy lunch before their cupcake. I get cupcake now ’cause I’m the boss.

I’m having 2 Turtles instead of the whole box. This “Let’s Not Get The Diabeetus” diet is way hard.


2 thoughts on “Last Week @

  1. Jen O. doing BB recaps on MamaPop!

    Commence jumping happy clap dance. Bring on the snark… these houseguests deserve it.

    Though (and it may just be hormones talking right now) am not all that “into” BB yet – is it just me or are they lame with a side of extra moronic this year?

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