So proud

Yesterday, Eirinn called me at work to tell me that she had swam across my mom’s pool by herself, without a lifejacket (supervised, of course).  She was so proud of herself.  I could tell, because she told me.

“I’m so proud of myself,” she said.

“I’m so proud of you, too, sweetie,” I told her.

Eirinn has hit that age where she is definitely not a baby and she’s certainly not a toddler, but she’s not quite a big kid.  She’s too big to be cooed at and coddled.  The days have gone by where people sit back and watch her go, just to see what adorable things she’s going to say or do.  But she’s not old enough to hang with the bigger kids and do what they do.  It’s a very hard age.  Too big to be little, too little to be big.

But she’s still so small; so young.  She still craves the kind of attention that Avery gets in droves.  She still wants to say the darndest things.  And she does.  She really does.  Eirinn is the kind of kid who will say ANYTHING to anyone and not have the slightest inclination to being embarrassed or shy.  But she’s four, not two, so these things and the comedic value of them are often lost when people are busy pointing and laughing at what silly thing Avery is busying herself with.

And that’s not fair to Eirinn.  Avery is at the stage where she’s learning a million new things a day and every milestone and achievement and accomplishment is met with joyous applause.  ‘Avery is so funny/smart/cute,’ and she is and Avery deserves the attention she’s getting, but Eirinn is also still very much funny/smart/cute.

The girl can crack a fart joke better than any 7 year old boy I’ve met.

Last Saturday, she laid on the couch with AH and watched with interest an entire documentary on the making of the Sphinx.

She’s the best snuggler in the world.

So, while Avery is impossibly adorable and miraculously intelligent and hilariously insane, we and I need to remember to not forget that Eirinn is still Eirinn.  Eirinn invented funny/smart/cute.  Eirinn was rocking funny/smart/cute before Avery was even invented.

And despite her size or her age, she’s still my baby and I will always, no matter what, be proud of her.


3 thoughts on “So proud

  1. Thanks for this reminder, being in the same arena as you.

    Lucy the other day farted, tried to blame it on Alice (SO PROUD) then chased me all over the house trying to rub her butt on me. She inherited the best Foster traits, I think.

  2. Sooooo Proud of you Eirinn. You worked really hard and you deserve lots of attention [and the requested chocolate bar ]. That’s why we also called Tracey and Papa. GREAT JOB, EIRINN!!!!!!

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