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Last week @ MamaPop

Thursday Combo Platter: Evil, Evil Porn Edition

Big Brother 12: Week 2 – The Week of The Diabolical Super Genius


Last week @ My Tornado Alley

My post entitled Still Mine was chosen to be featured at Five Star Friday!


Last week @ Twitter

It is amazing how delicious chicken nuggets and wedge fries can smell when you’re hungry enough to eat a horse.

I’m exhausted. I couldn’t possibly speak in more than 140 character intervals.

I’m too tired to talk about poop. Jen O. OUT. *drops mic*

This night would go a whole lot faster if my computer were less apathetic towards my need to get this work done before I go to sleep.

Twitter Rule #1 – don’t tweet what you’re eating. I’m eating cereal for lunch. Suck it, rules

I’ve got to tell you, while we’re being honest, that I am HOPPED UP on caffeine. HOPPED. UP.

Oh, the crash. It’s happening so fast and HOURS before I hoped.

When the kids are away, mommy will play. And, of course, by ‘play’ I mean sleep in and use foul language without caution.


Still painting.  Almost done.  I am tapped of energy, drained of creativity, and I’m pretty sure I’m high as a kite from the fumes.

Almost done.  Will resume smearing my written stanky words all over the internets soon enough.


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