When it comes to vacations, to each his own.

It’s not long before I’ll be in the throes of a vacation we’ve been planning since Eirinn was conceived. 

I’ve heard from many, many people how much they hate Disney.  Some have even extended that hate to the entire state of Florida.  Saying it’s where old folks go to be surrounded by tourist traps, too much heat, and die.  Well, they eluded to that, I filled in the blanks.  But that’s fine.  They can feel how they want to feel about whatever they want to have feelings about.  Who am I to tell them that their feelings are stupid and suck and make me want to barf Mickey Mouse souvenirs all over their faces?

That’s fine if they don’t want anything to do with the state of Florida and the many wonderous things that live there.  That’s fine if they’ll never peruse the kitchen shop that is right outside of the Haunted Mansion, where you can buy toasters that burn Mickey’s face into your bread.  And that’s fine if they’ll never experience walking around Disney Studios munching on a roasted turkey leg the size of your forearm.  And it’s ok that they’ll never eat the best tuna salad I’ve ever had at The Land pavilion in Epcot Center.  If they never see the pole I ran head first into not once, but twice, during completely separate trips to Sea World, that’s alright.

If they have no desire to see Kennedy Space Center or the Salvador Dali Museum or Gatorland, that’s cool.  If the sight of marlins jumping in the ocean off the Atlantic coast doesn’t sound appealing to them, fine.  If they can go their whole lives and not want to drive through the swamps and take a boat tour of the Everglades, whatever.  If they’ve never wanted to hand-feed a pelican, good for them.

And it’s alright if they’re not keen on touring the Golden Girls lot (nudge, nudge) or see the model of the space ship from Flight of the Navigator or have their hair blown dry by a roaring T-Rex, that’s their decision.

But to me, all these things are exactly what makes for a great vacation.  If you’d rather lay on a beach for two weeks with nothing but a bikini and a margarita, that sounds fantastic, but not for me.  When I vaycay, it requires marathon training.  There’s no rest until it’s over.  I go until I crash.  I hit that vacation like it owes me money.  Most people would need a full month to do what I do in two weeks.  Vacation is not restful but I wouldn’t want it any other way.


16 thoughts on “When it comes to vacations, to each his own.

  1. Aw, shit. I’ll be spending four days in FL (my first time) in September and now I want to cram everything you just mentioned into those four days. Which will leave no time for vacation sex. Damnnnnn yoooooou.

    • Oooo…sorry ’bout that. Four days would be tight, but you could give the old college try. I’m going for 16 and I won’t get to half that stuff. Seven days at Disney, two at Universal, one at Sea World, five days total for driving and the vacation is pretty much eaten.

  2. I spent my 10th birthday at Disney, complete with Chip and Dale signing me Happy Birthday in Sherwood Forest AND riding Space Mountain 10 times in a row. I can’t wait to take the Beans there, but my husband HATES Disney so maybe I’ll have to take someone else with me.

    • He’ll like it with the kids. Everyone likes it when they have children to enjoy it with. It’s a completely different experience, getting to see your child’s excitement and joy. That’s what I’m looking most forward to on our trip. The girls’ reactions.

  3. I can’t wait to go back to Disney. We have at least 2 more visits to plan. One while Greyson still has some baby in him and is in awe of everything Disney. And one when he is old enough to remember going. I still have the pooh bear mug you gave me years ago after one of your Florida adventures! It holds ALOT of coffee. And it’s MINE.

  4. I agree, I love vacations that are jam packed with things to do. We took Jaxson to Florida in March and we were up and gone by 8:00am and back by 8pm. We spent our week touring the islands near us, mini golfing, walking the beach for shells, eating way too much delicious food, swimming, etc. I like to feel we didn’t waste a minute of our time together. We didn’t got to Disney but it is definitely on the list of places to go in the next couple of years.
    Hope you have a fantastic trip!

    • Disney should be on EVERYONE’s list of places to go in the next couple of years. Also: Universal Studios. Five words – Wizarding World of Harry Potter. ‘Nuf said.

  5. Disney is my favourite place on earth! I usually go every other year, and my husband and I honeymooned there! We’re totally not sandy beaches and girly drinks on the beach people. Can’t wait to hear about the adventures!

  6. Ugh. I’m one of those who bashed Florida for you. And you know what? I still hate that place! 🙂 With that said, I totally hope you and your family have an awesome time there. Just don’t let the Disney experience suck you in.

    • Dude. This will be my 9th time going to Florida, I think. Maybe 10th. Each time I go, we visit Disney AT LEAST 5 times each. So, as a rough, low-ball estimate, I’ve been to a Disney park a minimum of 40 times. We’re going 7 times this trip.

      All this to say – I was sucked in long ago. But thanks for your concern! I’ll bring you back some Mickey ears!

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