A Whole Mixed Bag from MamaPop (psst…contests)

If you’ve got a few minutes this weekend, would you be so kind as to jump over to Cosmopolitan UK and be a peach and vote for MamaPop in the Celebrity category? Thank you, dahling.

Can we pause for just a moment so I can tell you how bizarre that whole paragraph sounds to me? I write for a website that has been nominated for an award from Cosmopolitan UK. Like THE Cosmo, British version. Coooool. It’s not the fact that MamaPop has been nominated for the award that freaks me out because the site completely deserves it. Even before I was asked to write for them I thought it was the best assembly of humour writers the internet has to offer. It’s that now I’m one of them. There must be some mistake. I demand a recount. NO WAIT. No, I don’t, because I don’t want them to discover the glaring error.

Anyway, MamaPop has been nominated and the only thing more awesome than being able to say I write for a site that was nominated for a Cosmo UK award would be that I write for a site that WON a Cosmo UK award. So, if you get a chance, please vote. And you can vote as many times as you like, so if you’re not busy all weekend, might I suggest multiple votes spread throughout the entirety of Saturday and Sunday? Voting closes August 31st.

Speaking of MamaPop, it’s a site that gives. And gives. And gives. Currently there are TWO contests with loads of valuable prizes.

The first will win you a copy of Mockingjay, which is a book I hadn’t heard of until the contest was announced, but is apparently the latest in a very popular series, which just goes to show you how completely uncool I really am. And along with a copy of Mockingjay, you will receive an iPod Touch! Not bad!

“Mockingjay” Giveaway: Win an iPod Touch and a Copy of the New “Hunger Games” Trilogy Book!

The second contest is all about the Emmys. Did you know that this Sunday is the Emmy Awards? MamaPop is hosting an open-thread, live chat, Emmy-centric snarkfest and you (I mean YOU) are invited! Come weigh in on all the fashion, speeches, winners and losers, who came with whom, who’s drunk, who’s more than drunk, etc. Many of the writers will be on hand to throw in their two cents and we want to hear from you. But first, comment on the post I’ve linked to below and you’re automatically entered to win an Emmy-worthy swag bag filled with a $100 Macy’s gift card, a $100 SpaFinder.com gift card and a $50 Zappos.com gift card. Just to get you into the mood for the awards show. Sweeeet.

The Emmys! The Emmys! Also, a Giveaway!

Have I ever told you how much the Big Brother recaps kill me to write? They kill me DEAD. But I love doing them. After hours and HOURS of work, this week’s recap will be up at 2pm today. Please to be reading?

Big Brother 12: Week 7 – The Week of the Chum Bath

(I don’t think that link will work until after 2pm … at least it SHOULDN’T … so don’t bother checking until then)

Umm…that is all.


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