Beach babies

This summer has been tough.  I mean, relatively speaking.  First world problems.  We’ve been busier than we’ve ever been with renovations and decorating and long-ish term guests from out-of-country and a big wedding.  All this has been a strain and a drain on us financially, emotionally, and has tapped us of anything resembling energy.  All for the good, for sure and no doubt – our house desperately needed the attention, we loved having the company, and the wedding was fantastic – but it was an incredible amount of work.

And, unfortunately, all this work and hustle and bustle has left the kids without much of a summer.  No, wait.  Let me correct that.  Both sets of grandparents have done MORE than their share of helping when it comes to the kids.  Trips to the trailer and to the waterpark have kept the girls entertained and happy as AH and I worked, worked, worked.  But we’re done.  The house is finished, the guests have left, and the wedding is over.

The last weekend in August and we can finally have a summer.  And what says ‘summer’ better than the beach?  I’ll tell what – nothing.  Forty minutes east of us is an amazing little town.  Passing through it’s gates feels like you’re entering a whole different country.  It’s like a beach town you’d see in the movies.  The downtown is filled with cute little shops and patio-fronted cafes and bistros.  The waterfront is lined with yachts and sailboats on one end and a gorgeous, umbrella-spotted beach in the other.  There are canteens selling poutine and ice cream and hot dogs.  Parks with sprinklers and pirate ship shaped playgrounds.

It’s gorgeous, is what it is.  If anyone ever visits from out of the country, THIS TOWN is where I’d take them.  In fact, it’s probably one of the only other towns I’d consider moving to, if I ever had to move from my own.

So, we went to the beach on one of the last weekends before the unofficial end of summer.  We played in the sand, making castles and burying the children.  We splashed in the water, some of us just up to our ankles, others right up to their necks.  We played in the playgrounds and got ice cream cones and spotted fish the size of german shepherds.

Simply put, we had a great day.


4 thoughts on “Beach babies

  1. it all looks so awesome! i’ve been planning a wedding most of the summer so i kind of feel like the time has been ripped away from me before i had a chance to really enjoy it. there will be OTHER summers tho. right? i just live vicariously through this post for now.

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