Party of one

Eirinn and Avery, alone at the kitchen table.  Avery is terribly upset, sobbing.

“Don’t leave me now.  I come with you?”

They’re talking about Eirinn starting school.  Eirinn is very excited.  She’s never been in a traditional daycare, so she’s never had kids her own age to befriend and play with.  It’s always just been her and Avery, with a scattering of older kids from time to time.  It’s always been the two of them.  Now Eirinn is about to start kindergarten and it will just be Avery.

“You can’t come with me, honey.” (Eirinn calls Avery ‘honey’)

This is going to be difficult for Avery.  She’ll be the one left behind.  While Eirinn is away making friends and expanding her mind, Avery will be left to wonder why Eirinn isn’t around.

“Don’t leave me.”

This is the first time I’ve encountered a downfall to having the girls so close together.  For the last two years, we’ve encouraged Eirinn to play with Avery like they were of the same age.  To include her in the games Eirinn likes to play, to join in in the ones that Avery prefers.  They eat the same foods and wear matching clothing and go to bed at the same time.  And yet, here we are.  Eirinn and Avery are not the same age, but the younger one doesn’t understand that.

“I come with you?”

Earlier in the week, we walked with my mom to the bus.  It was the older kids’ first day of school.  Avery was upset that she had forgotten her backpack at home.  She thought she was going to ride the bus and go to school, too.  At least that day, Eirinn wasn’t going either.

Tomorrow is Eirinn’s first day.  She’s so excited.  But poor Avery…

“You can’t come with me, honey.”


8 thoughts on “Party of one

  1. Oh, this makes me so sad. I’m going to try to remember to come back and read this in five years when I am only half-way through my ten years of elementary school because I had the girls so far apart.

    It’ll get better, though. They adapt so well at this age.

  2. We went through something similar. Our kids are three point five years apart and Caity kept telling Lexy that she’ll miss her when she goes “away” … I’ve been blogging about it too, so I have something to show them when their 17 and 13 and refuse to hang with each other …

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