Where I’ve been when I wasn’t here

I’ve been quiet around here this week, but that doesn’t mean I’ve disappeared.  I’ve been all over the place, being wordy, just not here.  Huh.  Maybe next week.



Monday – Big Brother 12 Recap: Flashback Episode

Thursday – Big Brother 12: Season Finale

Thursday – Survivor Nicaragua Recap: Week 1

Today – Top Ten Reality TV Villains


@How To Eat

Monday – The Donut Ice Cream Sandwich



A warning to all potential new followers: if you Google “Murder Shed”, you’ll find my picture. I wish I was joking.

I keep getting blamed for the dog’s farts.

I’ve been much to serious this morning. This afternoon, I’m putting on a clown nose and going back to work pantsless.

Caillous’s daddy had to explain to his mommy how to put a doorknob back on. Bullcrap. Just Sparta-kick that bitch open.

You guys look so cute! Like, stupid. You guys look really stupid…cute.

Ice cream cake at work. The Gods don’t want me to look good in a bathing suit on vacation. The Gods know I have no self control.

Pauly D says “sangwich.”

What’s everyone doing tonight? I’m doing nothing, which is totally different from the rest of the day because now I’m showered and in jeans.

Dog just hocked a loogie on the carpet. On purpose, it seems. Anyone want a dog?


That’s it.  Please to be reading.  Thank you, come again.


6 thoughts on “Where I’ve been when I wasn’t here

  1. The best way to not get blamed for a fart is to act like it doesn’t even smell. And when people start reacting to it then suddenly move your nose and make a disgusted face. But getting blamed for the dog’s farts? What does he do look at you and bark?

    • 5. Actually, 4. And if we don’t count the hours we’re sleeping, we can divide that by a third, so we’re actually only talking about…carry the one…2.77 days! Woo!

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