She’ll be fine. Eventually.

Eirinn got sent home from school yesterday.  During recess she was running around like a fool, tripped and smashed her face on the pavement.  And then a kid tripped on her fallen body and landed on top of her. 

What she was out of the deal: two separate goose eggs on her forehead, a two-sided bloody nose, and a deep, but short, cut between her eyes, which has swelled and bruised.  The girl’s a mess.

So she got sent home with the assurance that she was ok.  It took a while for school staff to stop the bleeding, but she’s fine.  And she was.  Is.  She’s fine.  Definitely significantly less pretty right now, but her mushed up face will heal and she’ll be back to her strikingly gorgeous self in no time. 

Her clothes came home covered in blood.  Her shirt, mostly, but also down onto her pants.  Even her hair was crusty.  I think the blood on the clothing came from her nose bleed, but the hair crust came from the cut between her eyes.  The cut between her eyes that was covered with tape.  Medical tape, but tape, not a bandaid. 

The school board no longer provides bandaids. 

What?  No, seriously.  WHAT?!?  The school board doesn’t provide basic provisions contained within a first aid kit?  

They also no longer supply tissue.  Kleenex, apparently, is too expensive and unnecessary.  Parents were asked to each donate a box to the classroom.  And that’s fine.  I can swing a buck or two in order to ensure my kid doesn’t use her sleeve to sop up snot.

But bandaids?  I’m new to this whole “having to deal with school finances and crap”…crap, but I can already tell this isn’t going to be fun. 

Bandaids.  Seriously.

Anyway, Eirinn will be fine.  She’s nervous that older kids will tease her, but I sent a note to her teacher asking her to keep an eye on that sort of thing.   I don’t want to be that parent who babies and coddles and over-protects their children to the point where their child is unable to stick up for themselves, but she’s four.  She’s four and less than two weeks into this school thing, so she’s nervous.  So I’m counting on her teachers to be sensitive to that.  I’m sure they will.  They seem nice enough so far.  But if Eirinn comes home and tells me a big kid was picking on her, I’ll go down there and take care of it myself.


Like this guy.



13 thoughts on “She’ll be fine. Eventually.

  1. Oh wow! Sounds like she took it like a champ (and so did you) – but man, what an experience.
    And yeah – the band aid thing? That’s craziness. So not looking forward to school finance politics when we navigate those waters next year.

  2. Wow – I hope that she is feeling better today…poor thing!. She sounds pretty tough too just like her mommy!
    The whole bandaid thing is crazy!!!! Each child in our school had to bring in 2 boxes of kleenex and a roll of paper towel – I was shocked as my old school (last year) did not ask for anything. Now you have me wondering if bandaids are provided at this school…

  3. oh poor girl,
    I remember my sons first day at daycare, he bumped is head on a threshold, blood came gushing out of his head. We had to drive to the hospital and they actually glued his forehead.
    A year later they had to glue his eyebrow after a sugar high and glass coffeetable incident at grandma’s. I hope we’re done now. He is still very handsome (and badass) but any more of this adhesive measures will just be pushing our luck, I think.

  4. When I was in kindergarten I broke my nose at school. Fell off the jungle gym and broke my nose. And they sent me home. Think about if that happened today?

    Michael was in a very serious accident at preschool a few years ago and we still haven’t settled the claim with the insurance company. It is amazing how these kids can get hurt at school.

  5. OMG, can’t believe the bandaid thing. WTF?!!! We, too, had to donate kleenex (which I still think is ridonkulous), but bandaids?? That can rip skin off! Holy moly. I’m glad you sent a letter to the teacher. I’d throw some bandaids in Eirinn’s backpack now, too. Gah.

    Hope it all clears up while away…gonna make for some fun pics at Disney World!

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