Makeover Timez Nao

Tada!  What?  You don’t see a difference?  Ooooh.  That’s because there’s no before picture.  Well, see, that’s what happens when you’re the photographer of the family and there aren’t any pictures of you to speak of.  It’s also what happens when you forget to take a before of yourself.  And when, in all the pictures that DO exist of you, you’re wearing a ponytail.

So, here’s a detailed description of the before: same bangs, same colour, no layers, about an inch longer.

I like it.


Miss Nikki brings up a good point.  I’m actually not a redhead, I don’t colour my hair, and yet?  That picture is clearly of a redhead.  Oh, my dear friends, that’s what happens when you throw a picture up there in the wee hours of the morning as you’re rushing out the door for work.  You run out of Photoshop time.  I hadn’t properly adjusted the colour.  Look at the picture below.  It has been colour-corrected and, as you’ll see, I don’t, in fact, have red hair.

Sorry to mislead you all.  I hope no one is disappointed.


18 thoughts on “Makeover Timez Nao

    • Oooo! Big compliments!

      Oh, why you look so sad?
      Tears are in your eyes
      Come on and come to me now
      Don’t be ashamed to cry
      Let me see you through
      ‘Cause I’ve seen the dark side too
      When the night falls on you
      You don’t know what to do
      Nothing you confess
      Could make me love you less

      I’ll Stand By You is my favourite song ever.

  1. and i was JUST going to say how envious i was of your hair color! the real deal is lovely tho and i do love the cut.
    now you’ve got me wanting to photoshop all my old photos so it seems like ive ALWAYS had red hair.

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