30 Days Of Truth – Day Seven

Day 7 – Someone who has made your life worth living for.

I could be a good wife and say my husband, but I’m going to point out the “for” in the question.  It’s a terribly worded sentence and I take no responsibility for it’s construction.  I copy and pasted it from where ever it was I found the list of Days.  But the person (or people) who have made my life worth living FOR is (are) my kids.  Anonymous Husband is fantastic and I couldn’t imagine my life without him, but I live for my kids.  AH would be fine without me.  I constantly worry about what would happen to my girls if I wasn’t around.  The thought of death now that I have kids takes on a whole new meaning.  There are these two little people now who depend on me (and AH) for everything.  For love, security, guidance, support, affection, comfort.

These two creepy little midgets (I say with love) are who keep me going every day.  They are so frustrating and difficult and stubborn and loud and obnoxious, but I love them so much I could burst.  They’re also, and much more often, loving and hilarious and adorable and sweet and mind-blowingly smart.  They bring me so much pride and joy that I find it hard to express without sounding like I’m making it all up.  They’re the best.  Even when I’m driven to complaining (they’re the World Champions at both whining AND screaming), I still love them to bits.

And I never wanted kids, really.  I grew up in a daycare (as in my mom provided daycare in our home), so I figured I had put in my time with children.  Kids are annoying and a lot of work and they’re small, so they get into things with their tiny little hands, and they have little squeak voices and you have to teach them stuff and be responsible for their survival, even when you’re really tired.  I didn’t really see the appeal.  But when AH and I began dating, I realized that kids were, or at least should be, in our future.  People change and who they are and what they want changes.  This happened with me about kids.

They’re still a lot of work and can be pretty crazy sometimes and being responsible for their survival is a lot pressure for someone as absent-minded as I am, but it’s all worth it.  We really lucked out with these two.  They were the best decisions of our lives.  They have made my life worth living for.


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20 thoughts on “30 Days Of Truth – Day Seven

    • Because there’s this cruel, nasty thing when you become a parent that allows you to forget, even temporarily, the torture your children bestow upon you. You easily forget the times of suck when you’re thinking about the times of awesome.

    • Do you see them up there? Clearly plotting some sort of revenge. Especially Potato Head. She’s whispering “I hate you”. You can tell by the devil in her eyes. And look at how little they are. Real people aren’t that little.

  1. I, too, didn’t want children…now I have three daughters, who, like yours, are worth living FOR.

    That was a fun read. It flowed. It was like having a chat over coffee with you, and you got on a roll. Does that make sense? Anyway, I enjoyed it.

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