Simply stated

The place looks different.  I’m not sure if I like it or not.  It’s very simple, I know.  I usually take joy in creating new headers, and I started making a pretty new one.  I started when Avery was taking a nap but then she decided naps are for chumps and she woke up WAY early.  So then I was Photoshopping and putting on movies and getting colouring books and crayons and wiping poo bums and applying tattoos and setting up laptops and HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL CAN’T A WOMAN WORK?  No.  The answer is no, a woman cannot work.  So there it is.  Simply stated.  It’s chaotic and insane even in the most simple of moments.

my tornado alley.


2 thoughts on “Simply stated

  1. I’m sure it will grow on you. It’s hard to work with wee ones around – had a teleconference with my boss and another colleague once and I told the girls to be very quiet when Mommy was on the phone … I’m not on the call five minutes when Caity’s shouting “MOMMM! I’ve gone POO!! Come wipe my bum!” .. *sigh* I feel your pain …

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