Around The World/Harder Better Faster Stronger

I’ve never been a big fan of Unce music (unce unce unce), but Daft Punk has special place in my heart since my days of sitting in front of MuchMusic for hours watching videos.  Around The World was one of those mini-movie type videos and I liked it.  Saw it again a few weeks back and I still like it.

I wrote this post about making a mixed tape to enjoy with your kids over at MamaPop and I had included Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk as an example.  My way of the comments, I was given notice of this video.  Again, I’m not an Unce music fan, but I gotta say, I could listen to this probably all day.

As a warning, I couldn’t say it better than one commenter: “CAITION:THIS VID IS SO AWSOME,ONE MAN SHITED HIS PANTS OUT OF EXCIETMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Courtesy of @DaemonMessiah


9 thoughts on “Around The World/Harder Better Faster Stronger

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  2. Kind of obsessed with Daft Punk. I mean, not to the point where I say things like “this was from their ‘human after all’ phase in casual conversation, but to where I get really, really excited when I hear their music.

  3. I feel the exact same way about Daft Punk. It’s so not my bag and yet every time I listen to them I find myself smacking my fun bags and trying to hump strangers in alleys. Sometimes I wish I did more drugs just so I could enjoy it properly. *sigh*

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