I’ve probably got the day wrong, but whatevs.

Rumo(u)r has it, it’s National De-lurking Day.  That means anyone who reads this blog and doesn’t comment is a dirty lurker and should reveal themselves and take their punishment.  Punishment is public humiliation and death by stoning.  Or so I’ve heard.  I could be wrong on that count because generally my sources are screwy.  Never take internet advice from homeless midgets, is what my grandpappy always told me.  I forget to remember that sometimes.

Anywhoodle, you’re supposed to de-lurk yourself, lest the terrible rock death.  Or something.  So, go on.  Comment.  Say hi.  Let me know you didn’t come here by accident by googling “Tornado Alley”, hoping to find something completely different.  Sorry about that, if you did.  Comment anyway.  Like I said on Twitter: “Comments, to a blogger, are like hugs. Even bad ones let you know someone cared enough to be there in the first place.”

If you don’t know what to say, just say ‘hi.’  If you think that’s super lame, I’ll give you some things perhaps you’d like to discuss:

Canada. Nothing is ever our own fault.


I'm sorry to have killed you with the cute.

I don’t actually know for sure if today is National De-lurking Day. It was probably last week or something.  But whatever.  “National” probably referred to you Americans anyway, so maybe today is Canada’s National De-lurking Day.  We always like to do things slightly different than you guys anyway.  Look at all those extra u’s we stick in our words.

There now.  Go forth and de-lurk yourself.  It’s your duty.


UPDATE!  I don’t have the wrong day!  See?  I got a picture to prove it!


37 thoughts on “I’ve probably got the day wrong, but whatevs.

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  2. Well I’ve commented before, but I’ve lurked as well. Really just because I figured if I put “OMG YOU ARE SO *insert compliment here*” every time I read then I’d be moved instantly to stalker status. So what shall I do? Lurk or stalk? I’m sure this is a fine line, and I’m just not clear to all the internet rules yet. I don’t want bloggers to think I’m just giving lip service, but the whole reason I read them is because I like what they’re saying. Should I tell them I like it every time? And now I’m rambling. I’m just gonna go now.

    • You don’t HAVE to comment everytime, but, speaking for myself, I’m not really sure I could ever get tired of compliments. Especially about the writing. Maybe it would be creepy if you were telling me how much you like my eyes or how I organize my closet or whatever. And comments don’t always have to be compliments. They can simply be a “me, too” if that’s appropriate.

  3. Lurk, peep, stalk. It’s all love baby. Till it turns into something more dark and scary, like that time when I was undressing at night, with the curtains wide open, and the lights on. There was this person watching me just outside the window and then………

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