Where I go when I’m not here…

Despite my terrible week, I managed to just keep writing.  Like Dory from Finding Nemo.  Just keep writing, just keep writing…

At MamaPop…

We got into a heated discussion over the most annoying kid’s shows on television today.

I showed you the latest Old Spice commercial.  You liked it.

One store briefly censored a cover of US Weekly.  The one with Elton John and David Furnish’s baby.  Disgusting (the censorship, not the cover; the cover is beautiful, as are Elton and David and baby Zachary).

And, as per usual, I recapped Jersey Shore.  This week’s show was goood, and I included a GIF to prove it.

At MoxieBird…

I gave my opinion on facial hair and outlined a few guidelines for the menfolk.

And I questioned everything I knew about parenting because … MONSTERS solve everything.  Or nothing.  Or make even more problems.  You decide.

At Studio 30 Plus…

Today is The Sunday Spotlight.  Be sure to check it out to find some fantastic writers and read their favourite posts of the week.


If you aren’t seeing the horns, click the pic.


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