Strange, but true…

I was in the “morning sickness” phase of my first pregnancy when The Killers released their first album.  AH listened to them quite often and so, now when I hear Brandon Flowers’ voice, I feel nauseated.  No offence, Brandon, but your voice makes me sick.

The only snobby bone in my body is the one that thinks Tetley Orange Pekoe tea is the only tea that is both strong enough AND doesn’t taste like what I imagine potpourri would taste like if you let it soak a while.

If a recipient of my email doesn’t reply within 15 minutes, I automatically assume I did something to make them hate me.  I never think about whether or not they have a life outside of waiting for me to email them.

I couldn’t care less about shoes or purses or my hair or dresses, but I’ve never gone a day without wearing at least a little bit of make-up.

I can’t hear very well.  Volume is ok, but detail gets easily muddled.  So when more than one person talks to me at the same time, I get flustered, frustrated and angry because I have NO IDEA what either person is trying to say to me.

I used to collect pins shaped like bicycles.

My eyes look navy blue to the casual passer-by, but they’re actually dark grey with a ring of light beige at the centre.  Not blue at all.

My childhood home was a zoo.  Not for real, but we had two dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs, two budgies, a salamander, a bunny, a tank full of fish, and an outdoor pond with koi.  *coughHOARDERScough*

We named our dog after one of the most badass characters on one of the greatest shows ever aired.  Boscorelli from Third Watch.  We call him Bossy.

I once got stuck in an outdoor television antenna.  There was a water-logged diaper involved.

I hate my voice.

I love lists.


10 thoughts on “Strange, but true…

  1. ‘If a recipient of my email doesn’t reply within 15 minutes, I automatically assume I did something to make them hate me. I never think about whether or not they have a life outside of waiting for me to email them.’ ME TOO!!! Glad I’m not alone in the realm of strange but true.

    • Also: if I post something and no one comments within 15 minutes, I assume I’m a stupid idiot who can’t write and has no business taking up space on the internet with her stupid idiotic boring words. So…thanks for your quick comment!

  2. Are my 15 minutes up? Is it too late to comment? If so,,please to disregard!

    I used to wear sunglasses that matched my outfits. Frames of Many Colors. It…was not a good thing.

      • Sorry! Unintentional! Major feelings of guilt!

        I’ll give you the LONGEST response to make up for it.

        I LOVE that you have many sunglasses to match all your outfits because I happen to own 5 different pairs of regular glasses. All different styles, to match how I happen to be dressing. I tend to stick with two pairs, but I like having lots of options.

        Although…you say you USED to wear matchy matchy sunglasses, so pretend you didn’t read anything I just wrote. *jedi mind trick hand wave*

        When I was younger, I would buy entire matched outfits. Including socks and underwear and belt (if need-be). All colour-coordinated. And my closet is rainbow-ized. So…matching sunglasses? Kind of my hero right now.

  3. the email and comment anxiety extends to me as well. I was excited when we became twitter buddies, you comment almost right away.

    I went to college with a girl who dated jason wiles (he placed Bosco). while I was in NY in 2000, while jason was playing Bosco, my ex, his gf, and I all had dinner together. Great guy, didnt seem like an actor at all. I loved that show. Awesome name for a dog.

    • I’m good at replying in a timely manner on Twitter, but I have to admit, I’m a terrible blog reader/commenter. I should probably practice what I preach, eh? I vow to (try to) get better.

      And also? So coooool. My husband and I were always a fan of Bosco’s (the character) attitude and our dog, when he was a pup, suited the name perfectly.

  4. i love list. and listing. and lists. highfive! i assume if i’ve had no interaction with someone in any way shape or form they’ve forgotten and or they hate me and or i did something horribly wrong to make them hate me. the end. you hate me now, doncha?

  5. I never leave the house without at least mascara and lipstick. Mostly because I know as soon as I do I’ll run into “those” people who look perfect 24/7 and they’ll go back to their perfect friends and tell them how pitiful I look.

  6. My husband has hearing like that and it took me a full three years of marriage (so five, counting the 2 we were dating) to figure out that he didn’t just ignore me in restaurants.

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