I’m going to lose readers because of this one.

I am the Devil’s Advocate.  I see both sides of a situation and even if I stand firmly on one side, I am overwhelmingly compelled to argue for the other.  I can debate anything (except when it comes to kids and animals – I’m ALWAYS on their side and will CUT YOU DOWN WITH FURY AND VIOLENCE if you’re not) and I do, even when I don’t WANT to. 

This is all a disclaimer for what I’m about to present. 

You shouldn’t hate Justin Beiber. 

*ducks under the desk


Sure, YOU may not like his music, but that’s fine.  You’re not supposed to like his music.  Unless you are a 12 year old girl.  Are you?  If you’re not, then you shouldn’t even try to listen to his music.  It’s not for you.  He didn’t make it for you and he probably doesn’t even want you to listen to it.  He wants girls to swoon over him, and you’re not that girl. 

I just can’t for the life of me understand Beiber Haters.  If you don’t like his music, don’t listen to it.  Don’t go see his movie.  Don’t buy the Beiber Doll.  Cut your hair to a respectable length and be done with it.  You don’t have to go on and on about how TERRIBLE his music is and how much you HATE him, because really?  You HATE a person you’ve never met in person?  You don’t KNOW him well enough to HATE him.  He didn’t do anything to you.  

Does your car only get one station?  No?  Then change it if a song of his comes on.  TV only have one channel?  No?  Change it when his movie adverts air.  You are not being forced to see or hear or enjoy or even LIKE him, but that doesn’t mean you have to HATE him. 

And you know what you sound like when you complain about him endlessly?  Your parents.  Did your parents like your music when you were growing up?  Probably not.  Their parents didn’t like they’re music, either.  Elvis was sin personified, afterall. 

Justin is a kid who likes music.  If you look at it objectively, he’s not that bad, either.  There are many other “artists” who are less talented than him.  Again, I don’t LIKE his music and I think his hair is weird, but I don’t feel qualified to say I HATE him.  In fact, besides the five second clip that plays during the preview for his movie, I can honestly say I’ve never heard his music.  WHICH IS HOW IT SHOULD BE.  I am a 31 year old GROWN WOMAN; I’m not SUPPOSED to have an opinion about something that is clearly and purposely for tweens.  It’s none of my damn business. 

As adults, we shouldn’t judge things made for children.  We are not the target demographic.  Grownups are not SUPPOSED to like Justin Beiber, so saying that you don’t like Justin Beiber is like saying you don’t like playing with Barbies.  My response is “Good.  So, you’re NOT a mental and emotional child.  ‘Cause if you DID like him, that would be weird.”

I don’t want kids liking my music (except my own kids so that I can listen to what I want in the car without them complaining) and I’m sure kids don’t want me liking their music.  So there.  Can we come to some sort of agreement?  A calm rationale that ends all the Beiber bashing?  

We get it.  You don’t like his music.  I’m sure he’s heartbroken, crying in a gold plated hot tub  filled with hundred dollar bills and Victoria Secret models.


23 thoughts on “I’m going to lose readers because of this one.

    • And anyone of that genre, really. Jonas Brothers, uh…I don’t know any of the other ones. But that’s sort of the point, right? I’m not suppose to know them.

      • Oh you will find out. Your children will get old enough to spend their money on cds. Then they will put the cds in your vehicle. And when the cds mysteriously get scratched, they will sing the same line over. and. over. And they will pretend to faint/scream/squeal whenever anyone mentions anything that said dreamboat likes or is affiliated in any way. They will fight over how the tune goes.

        I’m like. Baby baby baby OOOOOooohhhhh
        I’m like Baby baby baby OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh
        I’m like Baby Baby Baby Ooooo

        “IS TOO, it goes ooOoooooh in the middle”
        “No! It goes OOoooOh.”

  1. My son always hates on my daughter because she like JB. She looked at me one day and asked why everyone hated the JB. I told her because everyone is just jealous of him. I can’t deny it, I kind of secretly like his music. Every once in a while I catch my self singing along.

  2. Yes! Yes! I always think about how much I looovvvved the New Kids when I was 11. It was at Bieber fever levels. I hated it when people mocked it. Stupid as it sounds, they meant something to me….even if it was learning about infatuation. Leave the damn kid alone and let the kids who love him be kids.

    • You heard it here, folks. If Steamy says I’m right, then I’m right. You sit over there in the corner and figure out what you did wrong. Becky and I will scowl at you and shake our heads, disappointedly.

  3. Well said.

    I don’t hate HIM, i hate the shrieking insanity that surrounds him. I hate that adults have taken to swooning over this teenager who is probably talented (i have no personal knowledge one way or the other). I hate the industry that has cropped up to perpetuate the insanity surrounding the “career” of this one child.

    I do admit to joke-apologizing to the world on behalf of my country for unleashing the “phenomenon” however because of the insanity that surrounds him.

    Also: I hate the joking about grown women having crushes on this child. He’s 16, he may not agree that he’s a child, but legally and technically he is one. This point is a whole other rant though.

  4. I was thinking this too. I hope none of us would have to go on trial or die for the sins of our musical tastes–past or present. Who decides on this stuff anyway?

    Off to go play my Abba and Climax Blues Band records….

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