What started it all

Those closest to me  – AH, Eirinn, Avery – each marked my life with distinct milestones .  With AH, we became a couple.  A pair bonded forever by love and commitment.  Before there was him, there was no us.

And then came Eirinn.  Her birth marked the very moment the two of us became three, and with three we became a family.  She, more than just AH and I, made us a family.

From that moment we would grow and learn to love in ways that were never before possible.  We learned about innocence and how important and precious it is and how we will do anything to protect it.  We learned about joy and how it can be found anywhere, in anything we do.  We learned about fear and how it can be both irrational and completely necessary.  And we learned about pure, unconditional, all consuming love that holds no bounds.

That moment was five years ago today.  It feels like yesterday and also light years ago.  I can remember every movement she made inside of me, the smell of the delivery room during the hours before her arrival, and the feel of her newborn skin on my stomach as she was placed there for the first time.  Yet I can barely remember a time when she wasn’t here.  She’s always been here, except she just arrived.

Her birth was the beginning of time for me.  For us.  She’s what started it all.


From before she was born, I sang this song to Eirinn every single day.

I love you so dearly, I love you so clearly

Wake you up in the morning so early

Just to tell you I’ve got the wandering blues

I’ve got the wandering blues

And I’m gonna quit these rambling ways

One of these days soon, and I’ll sing

The littlest birds sing the prettiest song…

The Be Good Tanyas – “The Littlest Birds”



Happy birthday, Eirinn.  We couldn’t possibly love you more…until tomorrow, and then the day after that.


* For the record, Avery’s milestone is that she completed our family.  With her, we are whole.


7 thoughts on “What started it all

  1. Happy Birthday Eirinn 🙂 I remember when my first hit 5 – it’s bittersweet… my youngest just turned 4 and is now enrolled in school and I feel old(er) …

    Nice post, Jen …

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