Why I’ll never be famous…

For a while, I wanted to be famous.  I’ve never cared too much about fortune, but the fame part of the deal always appealed to me.  To have people I don’t know, know who I am, that sounded pretty cool to me.  To be talked about (positively) in circles I don’t normally run with was what I was looking for from the internet.  For a while, and only a while, because I’ve now decided that I’ll never be famous, and I’m alright with that.  More than alright with it.  I wonder why I ever wanted that in the first place.

I’ve made some really good friends from the internet and that’s more than I ever expected.  Being famous is a silly dream.  Now I’m just here because I want to be.  That’s the beauty of the internet.  They can’t kick you out for being not cool enough.

Why I will never be famous:

  • I don’t engage in SEO.  I rarely even bother tagging my posts and I tend to avoid Hot Topic subjects that might garner a few unsuspecting readers.  If I felt I had something interesting or unique to add about Gnarly Spleen or that Friday singer girl or whoever it is that’s hogging all the pageviews this week, I’d write something about it.  I wrote about my feelings on Justin Beiber because I felt compelled to share my opinion, not because I was looking for hits.  I write about what I want to say at that time, not what I think people are searching Google for. 
  • I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been writing for me lately.  I still love my kids just as much as I did when I used to write about them all the time.  More, even.  But I show them that in real life.  What I write here is what I want to be writing about, and if that means I lose readers wanting a mommyblog, than so be it.  I hope I don’t.  I hope those who read my words when they were about sleep issues and potty training and my kids saying the darndest things stay and read my words when they are short pieces of depressing fiction. 
  • I have no desire to make money from this place.  I mean, sure, if I was offered enough by the right company and wouldn’t have to change what I’m doing, I might consider throwing up an ad, but it’s not what I’m in it for.  If I had to cater my writing to suit whoever was paying me for a space on my sidebar, I don’t think I could find the motivation to continue.
  • I’m terrible at commenting on other blogs.  I know how much comments mean to a blogger because I know how much they mean to me.  Every comment I get is like a little present from the internet telling me I did something right.  Or wrong.  Either way, I love it and I think most bloggers do.  But I’m horrible at reciprocating.  I mean, I try.  I really do.  And I know the best/easiest/fastest way to grow your online community is to engage and be engaged.  I have no excuses.  I READ a lot, but I forget to comment.  I’ll try better, but it’s not because I want to snag your readers who might click my name-link in your comments section.  I’ll try better because I know what comments mean to a blogger.
  • I never participate in internet drama.  I try not to even notice it’s happening.  Sometimes it’s hard to avoid, the knowledge, I mean, but I never, ever post retorts or opinions or condemnations on subjects that frankly are none of my business.  Especially when it involves having to choose a side when otherwise I wouldn’t have to.  Me no likey the dramas.
  • I have no other talents.  I can’t draw cartoons in Paint or sing into a webcam or whatever it is all those multi-talented bloggers do out there.  I do one thing.  Write.  Not even sure how well.  Good enough, I suppose, for someone not looking to get famous.

And so, because I’m cool with never amounting to anything more than what I am, I’ve reached the height of my success.  For now, at least.  Maybe one day I’ll become better, faster, stronger and opportunities will fall into my lap and I can be who I am and people will love me and adore me and shower me with compliments and money and trips and fame.  But I’m not holding my breath.  In fact, if that day never comes, which it won’t, I don’t care.  I’m happy with what I’m doing in my little corner of the internet and I’m grateful and overjoyed that a few of you stop by everyday to see what I made with my words.


38 thoughts on “Why I’ll never be famous…

  1. Here’s why I hate you. Just before I’m going to write something profound and interesting and revealing, you do it. I had a similar post in my que. Now I will delet it with fire in my eyes.

    Seriously, I agree with every word. All of it applies to why I blog. It also applies to why I don’t pursue fame or money through writing more than I should. After I finish this book, I’ll try to get published, then when I fall on my face, I’ll have a friend print it for me so my kids can laugh at it later in life.

    I like your corner. Glad you like mine. Jersey Shore was infuriating last night, we’ll talk over at that corner.

  2. ONE TIME I ever wrote about something just because it was a hot topic and being searched, and I felt like a whore. I write because I want to write, because my head is so full that I need to put it somewhere. I am sort of the opposite of you. I used to fight “mommyblog” tooth and nail, but that’s what’s going on in my life so naturally I write about it. I still write about ridiculous stuff, though. That gets less comments, but it’s just as fun. So be it! Great blogging attitude.

    • It’s not that I fight against mommyblogging. I’m sure I’ll still do mommyposts once in a while. I just write what I want and right now I don’t want to write about my kids.

      And, thanks!

  3. BRA-VO, my dear. well said. all of it.

    I have never had any desire to be famous. I would like more money, but fame can shove it. my mother has wanted me to be famous since she bought my cute ass and invested in my dance classes and voice lessons and mall modeling and and and. I was gonna be her little star. so, consequently, I avoid that like crazy. if I end up mildly famous (and I’ll resist it like crazy), I’ll be one of those crazy recluse writers who refuses to do in-person interviews. that’s how I like it.

  4. I like this, a lot.

    I closed comments on my newest reinvention of my blog because I didn’t want to be bothered by their absence. Likewise, I stopped tracking stats. The resulting sense of freedom has been wonderful.

  5. Now, see, it’s like I could have written this – it gels with my blogability so well. And I almost didn’t leave a comment because I’m a shy commenter too.

  6. Really? You wanted to be famous? I’ve always imagined you as mild mannered and quiet. 🙂

    When I worked from home, I commented more on blogs. It’s hard to do now if I want to read all the blogs I like to read, so I try to focus on the reading and comment on lots but not all, like I used to.

    I just got an iPhone, so I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to read and comment on blogs with it.

    • Well, internet-famous. Like where you’re famous, but you don’t have to do stuff like look pretty or be articulate while speaking or wear non-track pants during the day.

      And yeah, I’m pretty quiet. I don’t know about mild mannered, but I don’t say much.

  7. I’ve always wanted the fortune without the fame. I don’t like people watching everything I do. I can only keep my blinds open because the people across from me keep theirs closed!

    • Maybe I wanted to be one of those famous people who was just famous for their professional work and no one bothered with their personal life. Oh, yeah. That doesn’t happen. Good thing I changed my mind.

  8. Amen to the Amen, Sistah! I’ve always hated the drama! And when I’ve tried to go back to writing how I “used to,” I’ve found that I can’t. I wanted to grow, I tried to grow, and I did.
    I’ve enjoyed reading you as you’ve changed. You are a magnificent writer!
    And even more, I enjoy having you as a friend! I’m blessed in that way!!

    • Thank you! And that’s one of the reasons why I DO love the internet. For all its flaws and frustrations, how else would a girl from Canada “meet” a girl from middle American?

  9. I’ll never be famous because I don’t have the wardrobe, I’m insanely private and I write poetry. That’s like showing up to a party with a box of plastic spoons…the cheap white ones.

  10. Pretend I wrote this so I don’t have to sound lame and tell you how I could have (and have) written about this myself.

    So pretending that I wrote this, you will not comment but silently agree with me 100 percent. Pictures? Cartoons? SEO? You will then think that it’s refreshing to know you’re not the only one that feels that way, not that it would change anything you were going to do anyway.

    Rock on 😉

  11. I like how you comment on everyone’s comment, even though you’re not a commenter.

    I might be similar. Of course, sometimes I just can’t be bothered…other times I don’t know what to say if I can’t snark it up. True sentiment, meh.

    I like reading your stuff when it’s on the Weekend Spotlight. And other times too. Right.

  12. It’s all about balancing between things that directly benefit YOU and things that might pay out and might not, and how much you invest in yourself here or otherwhere. I’m still trying to find out where on that scale I’m the happiest.

    34 comments on a single post? I think you’re doing FINE.

  13. I totally agree. I secretly wanted to be famous too- but not the kind where the paparazzi follow me around, because I never wear makeup and my hair always looks like a bird has been nesting in it.

    But I’ve learned (am learning) to be completely content with the friends that I’ve made, and what I’m doing right now. And I’m writing about what I want to write about.

    I totally would like it though if I made some money off my blog, because I promised I’d by my husband skis if I ever made enough off the blog, and if I made enough off the blog to buy him skis, then he would forever have to shut up about how much time I spend on the internet.


  14. I think the moment we detach from the ego, we soar.

    I just made that up I think. Or stole it from Tony Robbins?
    Is that even his name? I don’t really follow those self-help guys even if I should.

    As I was saying, I feel the same way you do. And I can always tell a blogger who writes for fame from one who writes to write. You are the latter, and I am thankful for that.

  15. I just had to google SEO, which definitely means I’m “doin’ it wrong,” “it” being “blogging.” I, for one, like you writing for yourself. Judging by the replies here, I don’t think I’m the only one!

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