I forgot to sign up for this week’s Indie Ink challenge and I took on an extra post at MamaPop (not permanently; just covering for someone) and I feel a little burnt out and creatively tapped and AH and I have discovered the awesome-ocity that is Deadwood and also laying on the couch like a sloth (although, I’m not sure sloths lay so much as they hang, but whatever) and not doing anything is really fun sometimes and my kids, OH MY KIDS, have learned the buttons to push that make me CRAY-CRAY (look at me! saying things like cray-cray!  proof!) and I have this weird headache thing that’s on the surface on my scalp and feels like a too-tight ponytail, but it’s not because I’m not wearing a ponytail and it’s making me tired because I can’t concentrate on anything but this pain ON my head and wondering what the hell could be causing it and I’ve been working on a couple of things that may or may not come into fruition, but they PROBABLY WILL and it’s making me excited for planning and I’m just all round tired and exhausted and I seem to have forgotten a) that I have a blog, and b) how to end a sentence, so I’ll just do it.  There.  The end.

I’ll be back very shortly with more stories, true or otherwise, to tickle your eyes and your imagination.

In the meanwhile, here:


11 thoughts on “Hi.

  1. Lol that awesome cartoon of wilmfred brimley on a chicken is beyond cray cray awesome. I need to watch deadwood too I hear it is great.

    • It’s EXCELLENT. And I don’t usually like western movies, but as a series, I not only tolerate the mud and dirt and implied stench, I’m really, really enjoying it!

  2. it’s like we’re twins. I woke up with a headache today. which means that I’ve had a headache all day. and when that happens, I just can’t think about anything at all. ugg. what the hell is that about? ugg.

    see how I made that about me? yeah I suck.

  3. did you ever watch ‘felicity’??? did canada get ‘felicity’??? ok well regardless, there’s this adorable gay man, javier, who runs the coffee shop that felicity (kerri russell) works in. and in this one episode, javier confides on felicity that he has a “crunch” on someone and he’s all excited about it and has an accent and so he tries so hard to say “i have a crush…” but he keeps repeating “i have a crunch…”

    now that that’s out of the way, i have a crunch on you. it’s a shame i’m straight.

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