Where I go when I’m not here…

Seriously, folks, I have been ALL UP IN DIS BIDNESS for the last week.  I mean, I’m ALWAYS busy, but this week was RIDICULOUS.  I don’t know HOW you people aren’t sick of me being everywhere all the time.


ahem … sorry.

ANYWHOODLE, if you missed anything, here’s where you can play catchup.

At MamaPop, I talked about celebrity breakdowns and how some are recoverable and some are career ending.

I also wrote about Spencer Pratt.  I thought that period in time was past, but he’s trying to climb back into our consciousness.  We must not let him.

At MoxieBird, I gave an update on the World’s Most Despicable Human Being.  Yes, he’s even worse than Spencer.  MUCH worse.

At Studio 30 Plus, I was the Feature Writer on Wednesday.  I wrote about A Whole Day Of Nothing.

I also put together The Saturday Spotlight and The Sunday Spotlight, which are roundups of our member’s favourite posts from their own blogs over the past week.

I had a couple extra minutes, so Adam P. Knave and I wrote a post for our buddy, Erin from Blogging Is For Dorks.  It was about…um…Dance Fighting Stray LOLcats.  You might have to be Adam or me to find it as funny as it is.  Because it is, but you might not get it.

And of course, here I wrote what I’m almost pretty sure 98% positive is the conclusion to the Her Sister, Her Life saga.  I think it’s done.  It feels done.  Maybe.  The third part was inspired by my challenge from the Indie Ink Writing Challenge, as was the first part.

I’m supposed to be writing something right now for someone, but instead I’m writing this, which makes me pretty much the worst friend ever.  Plus I can’t think of anything else to write about.  Got any ideas?


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