A box of bunnies

“Where are we, Easter?”

“Uh…I dunno.  Somewhere FUN, I bet.”

“Well, maybe, but these kids better not be some of those CRAZY kids that like to perform mock autopsies on their toys or burn them to see what they smell like or anything.  I will pitch a FIT.”

“These kids are probably not like that, maybe.  Do you think they’ll be like that, Valentine?”

“Bloody well better not be.  I will go CHUCKY on their tiny little psychotic asses, so help me Jesus.”

“Calm down, Valentine.  It’ll be ok.  Their mommy seemed nice when she picked us up from the post office…”

“THREE HOURS LATE, EASTER.  Three hours late.  Oh, great.  Psychotic kids with a neglectful mother.  This is NOT going to be pleasant.”

“Let’s just wait and see what happens.  I’ll be they’ll love us to bits.”

“…that’s what I’m afraid of, you buffoon.”


“See, Valentine?  WE’RE PRESENTS!  This is going to be GREAT!  These kids are going to hug us and love us and we’ll be their favourite bunnies EVER.”

“We’ll see.  WE’RE SITTING BESIDE CHOCOLATE.  Nothing good has ever come from sitting beside chocolate.  Have you seen kids hopped up on chocolate?  They’re loud and rough and insane.  CRAZY EYES, Easter.  They get CRAZY EYES.”

“You’re crazy, Valentine.  Certifiable.”

“Crazy?  Or realistic?  We’ll find out soon.  I hear them coming.”

“Ho.  Lee.  Crap.  I’m afraid, Easter.  I’m real afraid.”

“Shut up, you lunatic.  They look lovely.  THEY HAVE BASKETS.  Only the cutest and most adorable kids have BASKETS.  Look at those smiles!  They’re going to love us!”

“What are you going to name her, Eirinn?”

“Hoppity Hop.  Er…Hippity Hop.  Hip Hop.  Hoppity Hippie.  Hop Hop.”

“So, you’ll decide later.  What about you, Avery?  What are you naming your bunny?”


“Avery, your bunny’s name is Avery?”


“Oh, sure, Easter…or Hip Hop, or whatever your new name is…I get the narcissist.”


Seriously, people.  Cutest.  Bunnies.  Evar.  I got these two little bunnies from Dork Designs, the amazing shop from Erin of Blogging Is For Dorks fame.  The woman can knit, folks.  Knit the crap out of some wool, I tell you.

I got these bunnies for the girls for Easter.  They are undeniably and ridiculously the most adorable things I have ever seen.  When I saw them, I HAD to buy them.  Even if my kids didn’t like them (which they completely do; they’re their new favourites), I wanted them in my house no matter what.

THEY HAVE NO EYES.  Which…sounds creepy, but is actually hilarious and too cute.  They have no eyes for two reasons: 1) to make them baby-safe (no choking hazards here, folks!) and 2) because their hats are covering where their eyes would be.

They are soft and squishy and lovable, perfect for anyone from wee little baby to um…ME (hint, hint), and can be custom made to suit whatever colours your fantasy bunny is made out of.  She also makes baby blankets, hats, scarfs, and t-shirts.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, quality, handmade gift for yourself or someone else, check out Dork Designs.


This is not a paid endorsement of any kind.  I paid full price for my…I mean, MY KIDS’ bunnies and was not asked to post about them at all.  I was just so unbelievably pleased with my purchase that I couldn’t not share with you.


3 thoughts on “A box of bunnies

  1. Those are super cute. I try to stay away from places that I know have super cute stuffed animals because I always find myself wanting one when I know I can’t afford it and they really don’t have anywhere to go in my house 🙂

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