Where I go when I’m not here…

I write about entertainment at MamaPop – “Offering the best of today’s celebrity gossip and entertainment news, MamaPop is smart pop culture analysis, commentary, merciless fun-making and other sundry awesome, dished up daily by parents, for parents, and anyone else who understands that playtime is better with vodka.

From this week – Steven Soderbergh To Direct Channing Tatum In Biopic About Tatum’s Stripping Past

I write about lifestyle at MoxieBird – “MoxieBird is to lifestyle what our parent site MamaPop is to entertainment and gossip – covering fashion, shopping, relationships and sex, news and politics, lifestyle and women’s health, technology and geek culture, and more – with the same whip-smart, irreverent attitude.  MoxieBird believes that parenthood, feminism, and critical thinking can and should peacefully co-exist, and that being cool means not taking yourself (or the world around you) too seriously.”

From this week – A Lesson On What Mothers Really Want For Mother’s Day With Help From NBA Star Derrick Rose

I write about parenting at Sweetney – “(Sweetney.com) revels in the humorous side of parenting, offering refuge and comfort to moms who rage against the homogenizing machine of modern motherhood, yet somehow manage to not take themselves too seriously in the process. It is a site for every mother who defies convention and strikes out to live, love, work, and parent their own way, on their own terms, remaining true to themselves while still reveling in the absurdist comedy inherent in raising small, incompetent humans.”

From this week – Go The F*** To Sleep!

And, finally, I work on clickity click stuff at Studio 30 Plus – “A place where bloggers over the age of 30 can meet up, exchange ideas, make some friends, and find new blogs to read.”

I put this together every week – The Weekend Spotlight



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