The space between…

She stands with her toes touched the crack that separates right from wrong.  The crack moves and dances beneath her feet so quickly it blurs and blends the two sides.  Sometimes there is no difference, no right or wrong, just being, and sometimes the space between is so wide and deep if she shifts her feet ever so slightly, she would be swallowed inside, whole.

If she backs up, will she regret not jumping?  This side is safe.  No one questions what she does, where she goes, with whom she spends time.  On this side, she always makes the right choice, the sensible decision.  No judgement is made spontaneously or without careful, deliberate consideration for those around her.  She does what is expected of her.  On this side, she finds joy in being good, in pleasing others, in sticking to The Plan.  This side is grey and dry, desolate and barren.  On this side, she lives her life not for herself.

If she jumps, will she regret not playing safe?  That side promises freedom of mind, of body, of soul.  Nothing but gravity to hold her down.  On that side, she’ll know the feeling of the wind from an unknown land blow across her skin.  She’ll think of her own heart first, dance to the music she wants to, wear her hair how she sees fit.  On that side, she’ll find joy in being herself, in pleasing herself, in creating her own Plan.  That side is warm and alive, embracing and freeing.  On that side, she’ll live her life for no one but herself. 

But the leap frightens her.

The cracks shifts and her balance becomes unsteady.  She looks to the sky for some sort of sign.  She needs someone to push her or pull her and tell her what to do.  Once she jumps, there was no going back.  Once she jumps, the crack will become a canyon and she will be stuck over there, forever.  The clouds grow restless, but give no answer.  The sky moans and rumbles and the wind circles, whipping her hair and burning her cheeks, impatient and demanding.  She is going to have to chose, but she’ll have no help deciding.

She looks across to the other side and sees him there.  Her heart stops, just for a moment.  There is no decision to make.  She doesn’t look down.  She doesn’t look back.

She leaps.


I am participating in the Indie Ink Writing Challenge. Each week I’ll be tackling a challenge issued by another writer participating in the exercise. This week, Manju gave me this:

She was fed up with everything! 

She instantly decided to lead a life of no regrets…


16 thoughts on “The space between…

  1. Strangely enough, you described my mentality lately…perfectly. Life is so very much like this, a chasm between what every one else wants of you and what you want for yourself. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. This was beautifully written. I really enjoyed the dichotomy between “this side” and “that side”, especially how “this side” was very specific, while “that side” was more general and vague while also being exciting and mysterious. Thanks 🙂

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  4. You set this up beautifully, laid out The Choice we all have to make in a simple yet moving way. This piece flowed naturally and by the end, it was easy to take that leap. Nice response to the prompt.
    – Karla

  5. Beautifully written. And if only more people realized that they ALL are living on one side, and that the chasm is within themselves. So if they fall into it during the leap… they have the power to pull themselves out (along with the help of a good friend or powerful meds, but still… ). The other thing is, you can leap to the other side and always cross back if it doesn’t feel right. It’s a drag that people don’t realize how much they’re holding themselves back, rather than the circumstances and/or people they’re blaming instead.

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