This happened this morning

A paraphrased conversation between Adam P. Knave and I.

Me: “I hate my Twitter pic.  Now I’m stuck at work and can’t fix it. I should put my head onto the body of a horse or something.  It’s my neck I hate, so I’ll get rid of it.  Maybe stick my head onto a totem pole. ”

Adam: “What do you want done with it?”

Me: “A different face?  No, I’m just being a girl.  I’ll get used to it.  Or change it tonight.”

And then Adam does what he does and gave me this:

Me: “::spittake:: That is just horrific.”

Adam: “YOU LOVE IT.”

Me: “Oh, yes.  I forgot to add “in a good way” at the end.  MORE.”

Me, as a Teletubbie.  That’s actually kind of what I feel like I’m doing with that ridiculous grin on my face.  But, I was always partial to Laa-Laa.

That about what I look like in a tank top.  Plus, I’m always eating pasta and tearing the sleeves off my shirts, so this is alright.  But I don’t feel pretty.

Me: “Make me a Disney Princess.”

Me: “Oh, I’m so pretty!”

Look at me!  I’m a princess!  Which is exactly my personality to a ‘t’!

Me: “Now Gollum.”

Yeah, this is probably about right.

The moral of this sad tale is your neck is probably not as bad as you think it is.


9 thoughts on “This happened this morning

  1. Dude, you should have him make you a centipede. Not like that horror movie “Human Centipede” simply the innocent bug.
    Also? Never let curiosity get the better of you when “Human Centipede” becomes available on the instant Netflix queue. NEVER.

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