Happy National Donut Day! The Greatest Day Of The Year!

Happy National Donut Day!  The greatest day since Christmas, unless you get donuts for Christmas, in that case it would be equa-great to Christmas and also you’re very lucky to get donuts for Christmas.  Jealous.

Today you can celebrate by eating donuts, talking about donuts, dreaming about donuts, reading about donuts, and then eating more donuts.  Oh, and mailing me donuts.  And then I will eat the donuts.

I like donuts.

The end.

ps. Don’t forget to observe the moment of silence at noon.  Don’t be a dick.  Show some respect.



6 thoughts on “Happy National Donut Day! The Greatest Day Of The Year!

  1. Your post, plus some commentary I just read in my Facebook feed about the wonder which are fried mushrooms, has made me so freaking hungry this morning! Ugh!

  2. Thank you for giving me perfect justification for buying a donut with my coffee this afternoon.

    I mean, it’s national donut day. I’d be uncivilized NOT to.

  3. I totally got suckered into donut consumption today. I innocently went through the DD drive thru for my iced coffee, ignoring all other temptations, but how do you turn down the free donut question and not look like an anorexic bitch??? The answer is you can’t. That donut was good!

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