Where I go when I’m not here…

I decided to do a wrap up post this week because I’m pretty proud of some of the stuff I wrote and I decided to do a wrap up post today because in about 5 hours I will be on the road, on my way to a Girl’s Weekend, wherein “girls” refers to women.  And no men or children.  And also no computers.  Or at least, I’m not bringing one, unless you could my smartphone, which you shouldn’t.

Monday, I didn’t write anything.

Tuesday, I wrote about straight actors playing gay characters.  It’s called Gay For Pay, and no, it’s not just for porn.

Wednesday, I wrote about Ja Rule heading to the clink.  Moral of THAT story, is keep your loaded semi-automatic weapons at HOME.

Thursday, I wrote about the weekend I was talking about earlier and how a little time away is important for everyone.

Today, I wrote about the Human Barbie and what a wonderful example she is setting for her children.  YOU SHOULD SEE THE GIFTS!

And that’s it.  Tada!

Now, I know you’ve all seen this, unless your not one of the 38 million people who have watched it on YouTube, but it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen involving talking dogs with funny people voices and now you may watch it again.  YOU’RE WELCOME.


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