I need all of these answers TODAY

What do you get a teacher for an end-of-year gift?

How much do you spend?  I’m not cheap, but I’ve got three of these bad boys (wonderful ladies) to buy for.

I’ve heard that gifts with apples on them are cheesy, but can the same be said about gift cards to the liquor store?

DO CATHOLIC TEACHERS DRINK?  Probably some of them.

What’s a better idea?

What about a potted flower with a card that says “Thank you for helping me grow”?  Too saccharine?  If no, COULD YOU RUN TO THE STORE FOR ME AND BUY ALL OF THOSE THINGS?

Teacher’s gifts are sort of unspokenly mandatory, right?  I mean, not that I don’t WANT to get them, but will my child be the only one giving them anything?  Or does everyone still do that?

Seriously, teachers drink, right?  Probably A LOT.  I drink and I only have two kids max to take care of at any one time.

Couldn’t I just stick some money in a card like I do for people’s birthdays?

If I spend too much, will my kid be shunned for being a kiss-ass?  If I spend too little, will the teachers fail her for having a cheap mom?

What will be said behind my daughter’s back if the gifts I send her with are terrible?

This is yet another thing they don’t tell you you’re going to have to figure out when you have kids.


UPDATE: I went with Tim Horton’s gift cards in $15 denominations.  Everyone loves coffee.  Or tea.  Or hot chocolate.  Or donuts.  You HAVE to love donuts.  And if not, they can re-gift.  It’s like the gift that keeps on giving.


17 thoughts on “I need all of these answers TODAY

  1. I hate the end of the year teacher gifts. We were very close with my daughter’s kindergarten teacher and we gave her a $25 gift card to a restaurant. It isn’t much but it does help, plus it is just her and her boyfriend. My husband also made her come outside before school so he could give her a bottle of wine. (He’s a wine rep and she comes to a lot of his events, so we KNOW she likes wine.)

    For my son’s 4th grade teacher, who is so-so, we gave her a $15 gift card to Starbucks. Teachers like coffee but if they don’t like coffee they can get something else.

    I do kind of like the plant idea, but what if they kill it? That would suck.

  2. Gift cards. Everything else is appreciated and cute and all that, but… gift cards. Think about it this way… at the end of the year would you rather have a desk full of 20 scented candles, candy, and picture frames? Or money to buy yourself something you really want?

    A really heartfelt card is appreciated too, especially if you had a particularly rough year or a particularly great year.

    • I personally would love an entire OFFICE carpetted with scented candles. That wouldn’t make me wretch everytime I stepped foot through the doors AT ALL.

      Point taken. Gift cards it is.

  3. I’m not a teacher but I would rather have a gift card so I can buy what I want because I am personally not big on “stuff”, I like functional things. BUT, the potted plant sounds sweet, so if you knew they liked plants..

  4. As a teacher I totally agree with Steam Me Up. Can’t speak for Catholic teachers but I TOTALLY drink!

    Gift cards are much appreciated and always used, whereas the 20 mugs or cutesy apple things aren’t. Nor is fake jewelry, although I’ve gotten my fair share of that too! At the end of the day everything is appreciated, but I think $5 -$10 to Tim’s LCBO Chapters are all very, very much appreciated.

  5. There was a time when I would have the kids go to the store and pick out a book for the classroom. Then I ran out of time. Now I write a thank you card and include a donation check to the school library.

  6. We did gift cards to Starbucks (although I am loving the book store idea) but for an added touch, we put the gift cards into cute little change purses. I got ones that had a keychainey thing and an ID pouch with a clear window and that’s what I put the card in. We did this for both teachers and the younger ones daycare provider and everyone seemed to love the idea. I don’t know about everyone else, but I go through change purses like water, so I always need one to replace whatever one I’ve recently destroyed.

  7. Go with a Tims card or a Chapters card, I can’t get enough of them! Or you could do something like donate to a charity in their name, Oxfam has some good ones. Just no stuff that sits around, there’s always too much stuff!

  8. chapters gift card $25 is what we usually give and they seem to like it. They get a lot of mugs and stuff they’ll never use, this way they can get themselves something they like. There’s only so many “world’s best teacher” stuff one can have…

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